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    Kusuda Aina Internet broadcasts

    Some of the Internet broadcasts that Aina has appeared in are as follows.

    2014.10.08-Kibun Joutou [recorded]personality
    2015.11.27School Idol Festival Tokuban -Shanshan Party Night- [live]personality
    2017.02.28Seiyuu Anizatsudan 46guest
    2017.05.23Kusuda Aina 2nd Live Tour Kaisai Kinen namahousouhost
    2017.06.29Shiro Chronicle Joker 15guest
    2017.07.28Jinsei Doudemo 126video appearance
    2017.11.15Kusuda Aina 2nd Live Tour Bluray Hatsubai Kinen namahousouhost
    2017.12.07Denjin Gacha "KonCheki AR"guest
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