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Kuwashima Houko CDs (singles)

Houko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1996.10.23You Get To Burning/Watashi Rashiku (KIDA-137)Song
1997.02.21Feel For Love -Ai wo Sagashite-Song
1998.08.07Believe/Kono Kumo no Eien no YouniSong
1999.01.20Ko-Ko Paradise [PPP]/Fly Over to You (ZMDZ-147)Song
1999.11.10Toki Hanate! (TYDY-2127)Song
2003.12.17Warukyuure Character Maxi 7 (COCC-15609)Song
2007.11.28Bamboo Beat (VTCL-35010)Song
2010.02.17You Get To Burning (KICM-3202)Song
2010.10.27Power of Shine (MJCD-23092)Song