Makiguchi Youko events (2002)

Some of the events that Youko has appeared in during the year 2002 are as follows.

2002.02.06Idol Style 1 at Take Off 7
2002.02.14A Box of Chocolate vol 3
2002.02.17Fairly Island Tinkerbell Magic Night vol 19
2002.03.03Tinkerbell Magic Night Hinamatsuri Live
2002.03.06Idol Style 2 at Take Off 7
2002.03.31[14:00] Go! Go! Live vol 13
2002.04.03Idol Style 3 at Take Off 7
2002.04.13[14:00] Idol Zen'in Shuugou -Ohanami Live
2002.05.03[19:00] Idol Style 4 at Take Off 7
2002.06.05[19:00] Idol Style 5 at Take Off 7
2002.06.07A Box of Chocolate Vol 5 in Live Inn Magic
2002.06.30[15:00] G-on Riders and Warukyuure joint festival
2002.07.03[19:00] Idol Style 6 at Take Off 7
2002.07.13Cutie Land cutie 1
2002.07.20[14:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [G-On Riders stage]
2002.07.28[12:10] Hobby Expo 2002 at Big Sight [G-On Riders Stage]
2002.08.12[19:00] Cutie Land cutie 2
2002.08.28[18:30] Akino Lee Birthday Live
2002.09.15[16:00] Reflection Love CD campaign event in Yamagiwa Soft
2002.09.15[17:00] Reflection Love CD campaign event in Animate Akihabara
2002.09.23[12:00] Cutie Land cutie 3
2002.09.29[19:00] Street Live in Shinjuku
2002.10.04[19:30] Sexy Fairies Night 3 in Live Inn Magic
2002.10.13[13:00] Cutie Pai campaign event in Animate Shibuya
2002.10.13[16:00] Cutie Pai campaign event in Animate Ikebukuro
2002.10.14[12:30] Rock'n Rouge in Maebashi
2002.10.20[15:00] Cutie Pai Guerrilla Live in Yamagiwa Soft
2002.10.29[19:00] Cutie Land cutie 4
2002.11.03[15:30] Soubudai Festa
2002.11.04[13:00/16:00] G-On Riders event in Animate Ikebukuro
2002.11.09[20:00] Cutie Pai street live in Shinjuku
2002.11.17Happy Cutie Aki no Saiten
2002.11.20[19:30] Angel Night
2002.11.29[19:00] Bijo to Yajuu (Beauty and the Beast) in Shinjuku Pasela
2002.12.08[17:00] Akino Lee presents Otomegokoro ha Vale Tudo
2002.12.25[18:30] Girls X'mas Paradise at Live Inn Rosa
2002.12.29[12:20] Happy Cutie Fuyu no Saiten
2002.12.30[14:00] Comic Market 63 main stage G-On Riders Live

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