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    Makiguchi Youko events

    Some of the events that Youko has appeared in are as follows.

    2000.04.02Tokyo Game Show Spring 2000 Kira Kira Melody Gakuen stage
    2000.04.30Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Nikisei Live
    2000.06.24Kira Kira Melody Gakuen First & Second Class Live
    2000.07.16Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Second Class Live
    2000.11.12Kira Melo Bunkasai 2000 Speciore in Amazing Square
    2000.12.05Studio Carot Open Salon 834
    2000.12.10Rider Chips CD campaign in Ishimaru 3 Gou
    2001.03.25[18:00] Kira Kira Melody Gakuen All Student Final Live
    2001.04.21Former Kira Melo First Live in Live Inn Magic
    2001.05.19Peaty vol 1 in Live Inn Magic
    2001.06.16Peaty vol 2 in Live Inn Magic
    2001.06.28Mahou de Night vol 3
    2001.07.20Mahou de Night 4
    2001.07.31Peaty vol 3 in Yotsuya Four Valley
    2001.08.17Mahou de Night vol 5
    2001.08.21Peaty vol 4 in Live Inn Magic
    2001.08.26Girls Vocal Paradise
    2001.08.28A Box of Chocolate vol 1 (Band Live in Manhole)
    2001.09.05Hoshi no Shuukakusai
    2001.09.15Bishoujo Game Fair 2001 Aki Petite
    2001.09.17[20:00] Girls Net Club
    2001.09.21Mahou de Night vol 6
    2001.09.23[12:30] Pridol
    2001.09.23[19:00] Unit Paradise in Meguro Fukushi Center
    2001.09.24Tateyama Juutaku Tenjijou Kouen event
    2001.10.10Idol Chu-Dogs 7
    2001.10.25Mahou de Night vol 7
    2001.11.03Character Carnival 2000+1
    2001.11.04Peaty vol 5 in Live Inn Magic
    2001.11.07Idol Chu-Dogs 8
    2001.11.20Remi Presents at Koiwa M7
    2001.11.29[19:30] Mahou de Night vol 8
    2001.12.05Idol Chu-Dogs 9
    2001.12.22[18:30] Den'ei Shoujo vol. 1
    2001.12.24[12:00] Take Off 7 Christmas Live
    2001.12.28[19:30] Mahou de Night vol 9
    2001.12.31[19:00] Idol Toshikoshi Live at Take Off 7
    2001.12.31[23:30] Magic Island Oomisoka Special at Live Inn Magic
    2002.02.06Idol Style 1 at Take Off 7
    2002.02.14A Box of Chocolate vol 3
    2002.02.17Fairly Island Tinkerbell Magic Night vol 19
    2002.03.03Tinkerbell Magic Night Hinamatsuri Live
    2002.03.06Idol Style 2 at Take Off 7
    2002.03.31[14:00] Go! Go! Live vol 13
    2002.04.03Idol Style 3 at Take Off 7
    2002.04.13[14:00] Idol Zen'in Shuugou -Ohanami Live
    2002.05.03[19:00] Idol Style 4 at Take Off 7
    2002.06.05[19:00] Idol Style 5 at Take Off 7
    2002.06.07A Box of Chocolate Vol 5 in Live Inn Magic
    2002.06.30[15:00] G-on Riders and Warukyuure joint festival
    2002.07.03[19:00] Idol Style 6 at Take Off 7
    2002.07.13Cutie Land cutie 1
    2002.07.20[14:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [G-On Riders stage]
    2002.07.28[12:10] Hobby Expo 2002 at Big Sight [G-On Riders Stage]
    2002.08.12[19:00] Cutie Land cutie 2
    2002.08.28[18:30] Akino Lee Birthday Live
    2002.09.15[16:00] Reflection Love CD campaign event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2002.09.15[17:00] Reflection Love CD campaign event in Animate Akihabara
    2002.09.23[12:00] Cutie Land cutie 3
    2002.09.29[19:00] Street Live in Shinjuku
    2002.10.04[19:30] Sexy Fairies Night 3 in Live Inn Magic
    2002.10.13[13:00] Cutie Pai campaign event in Animate Shibuya
    2002.10.13[16:00] Cutie Pai campaign event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2002.10.14[12:30] Rock'n Rouge in Maebashi
    2002.10.20[15:00] Cutie Pai Guerrilla Live in Yamagiwa Soft
    2002.10.29[19:00] Cutie Land cutie 4
    2002.11.03[15:30] Soubudai Festa
    2002.11.04[13:00/16:00] G-On Riders event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2002.11.09[20:00] Cutie Pai street live in Shinjuku
    2002.11.17Happy Cutie Aki no Saiten
    2002.11.20[19:30] Angel Night
    2002.11.29[19:00] Bijo to Yajuu (Beauty and the Beast) in Shinjuku Pasela
    2002.12.08[17:00] Akino Lee presents Otomegokoro ha Vale Tudo
    2002.12.25[18:30] Girls X'mas Paradise at Live Inn Rosa
    2002.12.29[12:20] Happy Cutie Fuyu no Saiten
    2002.12.30[14:00] Comic Market 63 main stage G-On Riders Live
    2003.01.13[15:00] Hello Cutie Pai CD event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.02.02[14:00] G-On Riders Soundtrack 2 event in Shinseido Landmark Plaza
    2003.02.14[18:00] Otome Gokoro ha Vale Tudo! vol 2
    2003.02.16[13:00] Cutie Pai event in Yamagiwa Soft [rained out]
    2003.03.02[16:00] Hello Cutie Pai CD event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.03.10[19:00] Sato Land in Shibuya 7th Floor
    2003.03.13[19:30] Marvel Yell Live "Joining" at Roppongi Edge
    2003.03.16[13:00] Cutie Pai event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.03.16[18:30] Side B in Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.03.20[19:00] Daisan Mokuyoubi at Live House Alive
    2003.03.21[13:00] Cutie Pai Live at Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.04.06[18:30] Side B Digital at Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.04.20[15:00] Cutie Pai CD event at Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.04.20[18:30] Otome Gokoro ha Vale Tudo vol 3
    2003.05.11[12:30] Girls be Ambitious 1 at Take Off 7
    2003.05.24[18:00] Cutie Pai CD event at Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.06.14[18:30] Side B Digital at Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.06.15[15:00] Cutie Pai CD campaign at Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.06.21[19:00] Cutie Land 5 at Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.07.12[14:00] Cutie Pai CD Campaign in Yamagiwa Soft Nadya Park (Nagoya)
    2003.07.12[17:00] Rock Live in Live House Mujica Nagoya
    2003.07.21[15:00] Cutie Pai CD Campaign at Yamagiwa Soft
    2003.07.21[18:30] Side B Digital at Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.07.25Animagic 2003
    2003.07.26Animagic 2003
    2003.07.27Animagic 2003
    2003.08.01[19:00] Live de Monja Nia at Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.09.07[17:30] Otome Gokoro ha Vale Tudo
    2003.10.12[19:00] Cutie Land vol 6
    2003.10.31[19:00] Pumpkin Carnival
    2003.11.09[11:00] Gakuensai Live at Tokyo Jouhou University
    2003.11.24[13:00] Side B-Digital ver 11.24 daytime
    2003.12.19[18:30] Cutie Land vol 7
    2003.12.24[19:00] Mominoki Carnival
    2003.12.31[22:30] Tokuban Countdown in Live Gate Tokyo
    2004.01.18[14:00] Cutie Pai mini live at AX Tokyo
    2004.02.15[18:00] Unlimited Park vol 2 at L@N Akasaka
    2004.04.25[18:00] Unlimited Park vol 4
    2004.05.01[19:00] Cutie Land vol 8
    2004.09.25[18:30] Idol Gokudou vol 1
    2004.12.24[18:30] Merry Christmas Holy Peak Christmas
    2005.01.09[18:30] Yotsuya XX 11 Gou
    2005.01.26[18:30] Moe Com public recording
    2005.04.16[??:??] Stage in Gekishinsai
    2005.04.17[??:??] Stage in Gekishinsai
    2005.05.05[18:00] Yotsuya-XX 15 Gou
    2005.06.17[18:30] Cues Premier vol 17
    2005.07.17Cosplay Expo 2005
    2005.07.18Cosplay Expo 2005
    2005.08.05[19:00] Sanctuaire vol 2
    2005.08.14[18:30] Cutie Pai to Yukai na Nakama Tachi
    2005.09.18[18:30] Sweet Voice vol 3 -Geijutsu ha Bakuhatsu da
    2005.10.16[13:00] Yotsuya-XX 22 Gou
    2005.12.31[20:00] Countdown at Live Gate Tokyo
    2006.02.12[19:00] Yotsuya-XX 27 Gou
    2006.02.20[21:00] Kanzaki Mayumi birthday live at Tokimemo Cafe Ecole
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