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Minami Omi events

Some of the events that Omi has appeared in are as follows.

1996.08.11Harajuku Manga Graffiti '96 Manga Free Market
1996.08.17Harajuku Manga Graffiti '96 Manga Free Market
1997.02.16Parachute Yuugekitai public recording
1997.05.28Shibuya de Chu part 2
1997.07.21Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Station Square
1997.09.28Baobab Telephone card signing session
1997.11.22Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna public recording
1998.02.08Radio ROM event at Animate Akihabara
1998.09.13Radio Rom Teatime event
1999.01.17Radio ROM Last event in T-Zone Shinjuku
1999.09.19Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
2000.03.31Tokyo Game Show Spring 2000 [business day]
2000.05.28Victor OURS Anime Festival in Suginami Koukaidou
2000.08.26Yuukyuu Final Concert -Manatsu no Sotsugyoushiki-
2000.11.19Tales Ring Eternia public recording
2001.06.10Mist Larouge event in Yamaha Hall
2002.02.24Muryou and Nadesico event in Ishimaru Soft One
2003.09.20[14:00] Minami Omi no September Party
2004.09.25[15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2004 ATLUS booth
2006.02.24[19:30] Kidou Senkan Nadesico 10nen buri no Dousoukai