Mitsuishi Kotono TV appearances

Some of the tv that Kotono has appeared in are as follows.

1995.07.06TV Asahi NewsGuest
1995.10.05-1996.03.28Say You Club [regular]host
1997.02.01-1997.03.15Evangelion Re-runsGuest
1997.06.13Shibuya de ChuGuest
2019.08.14Seiyuu x Kaidan "Aka no Kaidan"guest
2019.08.15Seiyuu x Kaidan "Kuro no Kaidan"guest
2019.08.22Kasouken no Onna S19 EP14 [TV Asahi]guest character
2021.02.06Shin Jouhou 7 Days News Casterseiyuu legend corner

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