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Mitsuishi Kotono books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Kotono has appeared in are as follows.

1991.07.10Animedia August 1991kaitai shinsho 5, COLOR {1 P}
1992.01.10Animedia February 1992valentine article, COLOR {1/4 P}
1992.04.10Animedia May 1992monthly close up, COLOR {3 P}
1992.07.10Animedia August 1992Cyber Formula article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1992.12.10Animedia January 1993message, MONO {1/2 P}
1992.12.26AnimeV February 1993CD, Cyber Formula article, COLOR/MONO {1/2+1/2 P}
1993.01.10Animedia February 1993monthly close up, COLOR {4 P}
1993.02.10Animedia March 1993article, MONO {1/2 P}
1993.04.10Animedia May 1993jump up station 26, COLOR {3 P}
1993.06.10Animedia July 1993articles, monthly close up, COLOR {1/2+1/2+1/2+1 P}
1993.07.10Animedia August 1993monthly close up, COLOR {3 P}
1993.10.26AnimeV December 1993Cyber Formula, Peach Hips article, MONO {1/2+1/2 P}
1993.11.10Animedia December 1994CT label, COLOR
1994.01.10Animedia February 1994monthly close up, COLOR {3 P}
1994.02.10Animedia March 1994jump up station 36, MONO {3 P}
1994.03.10Animedia April 1994flamingo club 1, COLOR {2 P}
1994.04.10Animedia May 1994flamingo club 2, COLOR {4 P}
1994.04.26AnimeV June 1994Hummingbird, CD article, MONO {2+1 P}
1994.05.10Animedia June 1994flamingo club 3, COLOR {3 P}
1994.06.10Animedia July 1994flamingo club 4, Hummingbird report, COLOR {3+1 P}
1994.06.26AnimeV August 1994CD article, MONO {1 P}
1994.07.10Animedia August 1994flamingo club 5, postcard, COLOR {4 P}
1994.07.26AnimeV September 1994Yuugen Kaisha, Cyber Formula article, MONO {1+1 P}
1994.07.26OAV Song Collection [AnimeV September 1994]lyrics, COLOR {1+1 P}
1994.08.10Animedia September 1994flamingo club 6, radio article, COLOR/MONO {3+1/2 P}
1994.08.??Waku Waku Seiyuu Land [PC Engine Fan September 1994]article, COLOR {2 P}
1994.09.10Animedia October 1994flamingo club 7, COLOR {3 P}
1994.10.10Animedia November 1994flamingo club 8 Yokohama, COLOR {3 P}
1994.11.10Animedia December 1994flamingo club 8 Tokyo, COLOR {3 P}
1994.11.??Virtual Idol 2Hummingbird article, CD article, COLOR/MONO {6+1/2 P}
1994.12.10Animedia January 1995flamingo club 9, COLOR {3 P}
1994.12.25Character Voice Collection Joseihen 1information, MONO {6 P}
1994.12.??Voice Animagearticle, COLOR {cover, 5 P}
1995.01.10Animedia February 1995flamingo club 10, COLOR {3 P}
1995.02.10Animedia March 1995flamingo club 11, COLOR {3 P}
1995.02.??Virtual Idol 3CD article, MONO {1/2 P}
1995.03.10Animedia April 1995flamingo club 12, COLOR {3 P}
1995.04.10Animedia May 1995flamingo club 13, COLOR {2 P}
1995.04.10Newtype May 1995event report, postcard, COLOR {1 P}
1995.04.18Voice Animage 2article, MONO {4 P}
1995.04.26AnimeV June 1995AnimeV history article, MONO {4 P}
1995.04.26V.Press [AnimeV June 1995]Hummingbird article, COLOR {4 P}
1995.04.??Tsuki Hoshi Taiyouessays, COLOR
1995.05.10Animedia June 1995flamingo club 14, COLOR {2 P}
1995.06.10Animedia July 1995flamingo club 15, COLOR {2 P}
1995.06.??Virtual Idol 4Hummingbird event report, COLOR {3 P}
1995.07.10Animedia August 1995flamingo club 16, postcard, COLOR {2 P}
1995.07.??Voice Animage 3Hummingbird article, MONO {3 P}
1995.08.10Animedia September 1995radio selection, flamingo club 17, COLOR/MONO {2 P}
1995.09.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia October 1995]Hummingbird concert report, COLOR {2 P}
1995.09.10Animedia October 1995flamingo club 18, COLOR {2 P}
1995.09.25Voice Animage 4article, COLOR {cover}
1995.10.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia November 1995]Hummingbird recording report, COLOR {1 P}
1995.10.10Animedia November 1995flamingo club 19, COLOR {2 P}
1995.11.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia December 1995]Sailor Moon album report, COLOR {1 P}
1995.11.10Animedia December 1995flamingo club 20, COLOR {2 P}
1995.11.10Newtype December 1995cv present, Say You Club article, COLOR {1+1/4 P}
1995.12.02Virtual Idol 6CD article, MONO {1/2 P}
1995.12.10Animedia January 1996flamingo club 21, MONO {1 P}
1995.12.??Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 5article, COLOR {1 P}
1996.01.01Idol Boeitai Hummingbird Mookinformation, interview, COLOR
1996.01.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia February 1996]Kirara recording report, COLOR {1/2 P}
1996.01.10Animedia February 1996radi-media, flamingo club 21, COLOR {1/4+2 P}
1996.01.25AnimeV March 1996article, MONO {1/2 P}
1996.02.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia March 1996]event reports, CD article, COLOR {1+1+1/2 P}
1996.02.10Animedia March 1996flamingo club 22, COLOR {2 P}
1996.02.10Newtype March 1996musical article, COLOR {2 P}
1996.03.10Animedia April 1996radi-media, COLOR {1/2 P}
1996.03.15Sailor Team Official Fanbook Tsukino Usagimessage, COLOR {2 P}
1996.03.22Virtual Idol 7radio recording, MONO {1 P}
1996.04.10Anime Star Paradise [Animedia May 1996]CD article, COLOR {2 P}
1996.04.10Animedia May 1996radi-media, MONO {1 P}
1996.06.??Egao no Mukougawaphotos, essays, COLOR
1996.07.25Voice Animage 9article, COLOR {1 P}
1996.09.10Newtype October 1996Gall Force article, COLOR {2 P}
1996.09.22Virtual Idol 11article, event report, COLOR {1/2+2 P}
1996.10.22Virtual Idol 12article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1997.02.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 6article, COLOR {2 P}
1997.03.01Gall Force The Revolution roman albuminterview, COLOR
1997.03.22Virtual Idol 5 (1997)event report, COLOR {1 P}
1997.04.22Virtual Idol 6 (1997)radio article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1997.04.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 7event report, COLOR {2 P}
1997.05.22Virtual Idol 7 (1997)article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1997.06.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 8article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1997.07.10Newtype August 1997Eva interview, COLOR {2 P}
1997.08.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 9article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1997.09.30Voice Animage 16article, MONO {2 P}
1997.10.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 10event report, COLOR {1 P}
1997.11.10Newtype December 1997Xmas collection, COLOR {1 P}
1997.11.30Voice Animage 17article, COLOR {3 P}
1997.12.10Newtype January 1998scene of cv, COLOR {2 P}
1997.12.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 11article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1998.01.25Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 15article, COLOR {5 P}
1998.03.07Comptiq April 1998Eberouge article, COLOR {2 P}
1998.03.10Animedia April 1998Maze article, MONO {1/4 P}
1998.04.10Dengeki B-Magazine May 1998article, COLOR {1 P}
1998.05.22Seiyuu Grand Prix 17article, MONO {1 P}
1998.06.10Animedia July 1998Kirara event report, COLOR {1/4 P}
1998.06.10Dengeki B-Magazine July 1998event report, COLOR {1/4 P}
1998.11.07Comptiq December 1998article, COLOR {2 P}
1998.12.07Comptiq January 1999article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.02.07Comptique March 1999Eberouge article, COLOR {2 P}
1999.02.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 18article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1999.03.07Comptiq April 1999article, COLOR {2 P}
1999.05.10Animedia June 1999Dracon article, MONO {1/4 P}
1999.09.07Comptique October 1999article, COLOR {2 P}
1999.10.07Comptique November 1999article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.10.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 22article, COLOR {1/4 P}
1999.12.30Dengeki G's Magazine February 2000Yuukyuu article, COLOR {1/4 P}
2000.06.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 26article, COLOR {1/4 P}
2000.07.19AIC Comic Love vol 6interview, photo collection, COLOR/MONO {6+6 P}
2001.04.10Animedia May 2001after recording report, MONO {1/6 P}
2001.06.10Animedia July 2001Dendou afureco report, radio article, MONO {1/2+1 P}
2001.07.10Animedia August 200120th anniversary ninki seiyuu article, MONO {1/4 P}