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    Nagasawa Miki events

    Some of the events that Miki has appeared in are as follows.

    1995.03.12Newtype 10th Anniversary Final Event
    1995.06.03Tokyo Toy Show
    1995.06.04Tokyo Toy Show
    1996.01.20Key Event in Animate Abeno
    1996.02.04Key Event in Tokyo
    1996.08.10Shou Comi Night public recording
    1997.04.02Shibuya de Chu vol 1
    1997.07.13Super Ani Mega Hit Top 10 & Key the Metal Idol
    1997.09.06Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
    1997.11.22Game Dra Night public recording
    1997.12.05Seiyuu Collection
    1998.02.07Radio ROM event at Animate Akihabara
    1998.03.14Marumie Net
    1998.03.15Voice Bloom event
    1998.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
    1998.04.04Geo Breeders event in Tokyo
    1998.08.16Radio Rom Lunch event
    1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
    1998.10.11Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
    1999.01.17Radio ROM Last event in T-Zone Shinjuku
    1999.02.07Idol and Anime Card Festival 99
    1999.07.25Radio Big Bang public recording
    1999.09.19Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
    1999.11.21Yuukyuu Ongakusai
    2000.07.22Emotion Festival in Fukuoka
    2000.07.22Emotion Festival in Hiroshima
    2000.07.30Radio Big Bang public recording in Suginami Koukaidou
    2000.08.12Anime Japan Fes 2000 "All Stars 2000.com" at On Air West
    2000.11.04Game Dra 5 Shuunen Special Night
    2001.03.11Meisaku Network 10th Anniversary event
    2001.03.20Radio Big Bang Public Recording
    2001.07.15Radio Big Bang public recording
    2001.09.01[17:00] Anime Tenchou Live in Toshima Koukaidou
    2001.09.02Radio Big Bang public recording
    2001.12.29[17:30/20:00] Toshiwasure Turn A Gundam Special
    2002.01.13[17:00] Animate Expo 2002 Animate Ikebukuro
    2002.03.17Radio Big Bang public recording
    2002.04.11[18:30] EX Driver the Movie event in Kudan Kaikan
    2002.04.20EX Driver the Movie talk at Cine Riible Ikebukuro 2
    2002.04.27EX Driver the Movie talk at Cine Riible Umeda
    2002.07.24-2002.07.28Hero Hero Company 11th Play "Hero Drill"
    2002.08.04[17:30] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2002.09.01[17:00] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2003.01.25Animate Expo 2003 in Sunshine City
    2003.01.26Animate Expo 2003
    2003.03.30[17:00] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2003.09.06[17:00] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2004.03.27[16:00] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2004.06.19[13:00/17:00] Seki Tomokazu no Hobby Tengoku at Animate Ikebukuro
    2004.07.31[11:00] Animate Expo event in Nagoya
    2004.07.31[16:00] Animate Expo event in Animate Kyoto
    2004.08.01[11:00] Animate Expo event in Animate Nipponbashi
    2004.08.01[16:00] Animate Expo event in Animate Sannomiya
    2004.08.21[12:30] Animate Expo Kikaku in Fukuoka
    2005.03.27Radio Big Bang public recording
    2006.03.26[15:40] Kisty Live and Talk at Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair
    2006.04.30[17:00] Anime Tenchou and Tenchou Kouhosei event Nakano Sun Plaza
    2006.08.07Radio Big Bang public recording
    2007.07.16Radio Big Bang public recording
    2008.07.05[19:00] Gekidan Hero Hero Q Company special live show
    2008.09.14[17:00] Radio Big Bang public recording
    2009.06.03-2009.06.07Hero Hero Q Company Dai21kai Kouen
    2009.06.21[18:00] Reading For The Ties 2009
    2010.03.20[14:30/18:00] Seiyuu Festa Haru CC Lemon Hall
    2010.06.20[13:30/18:00] "Reading For The Ties 2010" JCB Hall
    2012.09.08[] Anime Fair Kansai 2012 Seiyuu Premium Stage
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