Ogata Megumi events

Some of the events that Megumi has appeared in are as follows.

1994.01.09Yuuyuu Hakusho event
1994.09.04Yuuyuu Hakusho Live Music Battle 2 in Kudan Kaikan
1994.09.11Yuuyuu Hakusho Live Music Battle 2 in Nagoya
1994.09.18Yuuyuu Hakusho Live Music Battle 2 in Osaka
1994.12.11Seiyuu Grand Prix Commemoration Event
1994.12.18Sailor Senshi Largest X'mas Party in History
1995.03.28[17:30] Something Dreams '95 at Hibiya Koukaidou
1995.05.21Charity Event at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
1995.07.29Yuuyuu Hakusho live in Ohmiya Sonic City
1995.08.06Yuuyuu Hakusho live in Osaka
1995.08.11Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin
1996.07.09Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
1996.07.28Melty Lancer public recording
1996.12.15Ogata Megumi concert in Osaka
1996.12.16Ogata Megumi concert in Nagoya
1996.12.21Ogata Megumi concert in Tokyo
1997.07.27Kamakura Cinema World Seiyuu Special Stage
1998.02.08Valentine Kiss in Suginami Koukaidou
1998.02.14Valentine Kiss in Fukuoka
1998.02.15Valentine Kiss in Osaka
1998.03.29Maico event
1998.11.21Hong Kong to go with Ogata
1998.12.13Ogata Megumi live
1998.12.29Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
1999.03.22Card Captor Sakura Festival
1999.08.21Card Captor Sakura movie opening event at Marunouchi Picadilly 2
1999.08.21Card Captor Sakura movie opening event at Shinjuku Picadilly 3
1999.12.27Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
2000.04.03Card Captor Sakura Festival 2000
2000.08.10-2000.08.13Ogata Megumi no Tsuki no Yoru ni Ai ma Show!
2002.06.30[15:00] G-on Riders and Warukyuure joint festival
2002.09.28Starchild Festival 2002 Aki in Osaka
2002.09.29Starchild Festival 2002 Aki in Osaka
2002.11.10"Aitai -passed and next 1992-2002" live
2002.12.15[14:30/18:00] Samurai Deeper Kyo DVD event
2002.12.15Samurai Deepter Kyo DVD event in Hitotsubashi Hall
2003.01.19[15:30] Samurai Deeper Kyo DVD event in Osaka
2003.03.23Tantei Gakuen Q event in TBS Hall
2003.03.30[13:00] Tantei Gakuen Q talk show
2003.06.14[18:30] Ogata Megumi Live "Aitai" 2003 Coming Out
2003.06.15[17:00] Ogata Megumi Live "Aitai" 2003 Coming Out
2003.08.09[13:00] TBS Anime Festa 2003
2003.08.10[12:00] TBS Anime Festa 2003
2004.03.27Radio Uki Uki Kangumi Great public recording
2004.03.28[13:00] Warukyuure event in Yokohama Bay Hall
2004.03.28[17:00] Warukyuure event in Yokohama Bay Hall
2004.05.05[14:00] Sakura Festival "Touya & Yukito Special Talk Show"
2005.05.06[19:00] Ogata Megumi Live "Aitai 2005 for Alice"
2005.05.14[18:00] Aitai 2005-For Alice in Yokohama Blitz
2006.08.06[18:00] Aitai 2006 Yoake no Jikan at Shibuya O-East
2007.07.14[18:00] Ogata Megumi Live in club Fleez
2007.07.15[18:00] Ogata Megumi Live in Club Junkbox
2007.09.15[14:00] NHK Saturday Hot Request
2009.01.10[18:00] 666:rock Lock Rock! Tour
2009.01.11[18:00] 666:rock Lock Rock! Tour
2009.01.12[16:30] 666:rock Lock Rock! Tour
2009.01.24[18:00] 666:rock lock Rock! Tour
2009.02.07[18:00] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Hiroshima
2009.02.08[16:30] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Matsuyama
2009.02.11[16:30] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Tenjin Be-1
2009.02.13[19:00] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Shizuoka
2009.02.28[18:00] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Yokohama
2009.03.07[18:00] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Kooriyama
2009.03.08[16:30] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour Sendai
2009.03.18[19:00] 666:rock Lock ROCK! Tour in Shibuya O-West
2009.07.25[15:00] One Man Cover Live "Ogata Megumi M's Bar"
2009.08.08[17:30] OND Presents Perfect Pussy Primary Heaven 4th Force!
2009.09.27[14:00] Lantis Matsuri
2009.12.19[18:00] Lantis Matsuri Kouyasai Shibuya O-East
2010.08.01[18:00] Angel Beats! Fes -Thousand Bravers-
2010.12.26[17:00] Orebiru at Live Gate Tokyo Ebisu
2011.01.09[18:00] Dangan Smile Tour 2011 ell fits all
2011.01.10[17:00] Dangan Smile Tour 2011 Esaka Muse
2011.01.23[17:00] Dangan Smile Tour 2011 Kawasaki
2011.01.29[18:00] Dangan Smile Tour 2011 Hook Sendai
2012.10.21[18:30] Clamp Festival 2012
2013.04.14[18:00] Tamayura event Tokyo Dome City Hall
2016.08.11[18:30] Hoppi wo Nomou de Anime wo Katarou
2018.03.24[12:30] Anime Japan 2018 Yuuyuu Hakusho 100% Maji Stage
2018.04.01[] Sakura Fes 2018 -Sakura to Minna no Happy Easter-

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