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Ohsawa Chiaki events

Some of the events that Chiaki has appeared in are as follows.

1998.05.10Kirara event in Yomiuri Land
1998.07.26Kirara Completion event in Suginami Koukaidou
1998.08.01Kirara Completion event in Osaka
1998.08.02Kirara Completion event in Nagoya
1998.08.08Kirara event in Kawagoe
1998.08.09Kirara event in Hachiouji
1998.08.23Kirara event in Yokohama
1998.08.29Kirara event in Nagoya
1998.08.30Kirara event in Osaka
1998.09.05Kirara event in Niigata
1998.09.06Kirara event in Hiroshima
1998.09.12Kirara event in Fukuoka
1998.09.13Kirara event in Kumamoto
1998.09.15Kirara event in Yamagiwa Soft
1999.07.20Anime Scramble event
2000.07.23Kirara event in Kanda Panse Hall
2000.11.12Kira Melo Bunkasai 2000 Speciore in Amazing Square
2002.05.26[14:00] University of Tokyo Festival talk show
2003.11.23[15:00] Ohsawa Chiaki Birthday Party in Cure Maid Cafe
2003.12.14[13:30] Seiyuu Idol Live vol 15
2004.03.28[14:15] Card Game Festa 2004 Spring (stage)
2004.06.20[18:00] Love & Peace Moeyo! Dragon
2004.09.20[14:00] Nagareboshi Sentai Musumet event
2004.09.29[19:30] 1st public recording
2004.10.24[13:30] Nagareboshi Sentai Musumet mini live and public recording
2004.12.05[13:30] Musumet public recording event
2004.12.24[18:30] Merry Christmas Holy Peak Christmas
2004.12.29[13:00] Comic Market 67 Citron Disk stage [Musumet]
2004.12.29[15:00] Comic Market 67 AIR/Frontier Works booth [Musumet]
2005.04.03[17:30] Sweet Voice vol 1
2005.04.30[13:00] Yotsuya-XX 14 Gou
2005.07.08[19:00] "Calling" cast talk show at Live Gate Tokyo
2005.08.12[19:00] Yotsuya-XX 19 Gou
2005.09.18[18:30] Sweet Voice vol 3 -Geijutsu ha Bakuhatsu da
2005.10.16[13:00] Yotsuya-XX 22 Gou
2005.12.25[18:00] Sweet Voice vol 4