Ohtani Ikue events

Some of the events that Ikue has appeared in are as follows.

1995.12.22Ezaki Productions Christmas event
1997.12.17Shibuya de Chu! recording
1998.02.14Hatsukoi Valentine event
1998.10.11Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1999.03.19Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999 [business day]
1999.03.20Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
1999.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
1999.09.18Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
2000.06.03Kita he Pure Session VTR event at Yamagiwa Soft
2000.08.26Yuukyuu Final Concert -Manatsu no Sotsugyoushiki-
2000.09.23Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn
2000.09.24Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn
2001.12.22Jump Festa 2002 Super Tour in Makuhari
2002.08.11Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan Show in Kanazawa
2002.12.21[15:30] Jump Festa 2003 [main stage] One Piece
2002.12.22[13:45] Jump Festa 2003 [main stage] One Piece
2003.03.21Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003 "Toei Anime Booth"
2003.03.22Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003 "Toei Anime Booth"
2003.08.23[17:00] Nippon 1 Software 10th anniversary charity concert
2004.01.2419th Jisedai World Hobby Fair
2004.02.0819th Jisedai World Hobby Fair in Fukuoka Dome [Sunday Booth]
2004.03.06[10:00] One Piece movie talk show at Marunouchi Toei
2004.03.27[12:00] Tokyo International Anime Fair (main stage)
2004.03.27[14:00] Tokyo International Anime Fair (Avex Booth)
2005.01.30[14:00/17:00] Eternal Valentine in Hotel Mausu
2005.05.17-2005.05.22Mouse Promotion Dai 3 Kai Honkouen "Sakura no Sono"
2007.12.23[15:30] Jump Festa 2008 Jump Stage One Piece
2008.12.21[15:50] Jump Festa 2009 main stage One Piece
2009.12.19[16:00] Jump Festa 2010 Jump Super Stage
2016.09.18[15:45] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Persona 5" talk show
2018.09.21[14:30] Tokyo Game Show 2018 Persona Q2 talk show
2019.09.14[10:20] Tokyo Game Show 2019 Sega booth Persona 5 The Royale

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