Okamoto Asami roles

Some of the voice roles that Asami has done are listed below.


Asami has done the following roles in anime.

Air (TV)Kirishima Kano
Sentimental JourneyHoshino Asuka
Vandread {Episode 8}reji B


Asami has done the following roles in games.

Air [Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PSP]Kirishima Kano
Anoko Dokonoko [Playstation]Kawahara Yumeko
Anoko Dokonoko [Playstation]Kawahara Aiko
Anoko Dokonoko Endless Season [Playstation]Kawahara Yumeko
Anoko Dokonoko Endless Season [Playstation]Kawahara Aiko
Marionette Company 2 Chu! [Dreamcast, Playstation, Windows]Ueno Nanami
Mercurius Pretty End of the Century [Dreamcast]Princess Erenoa
Milky Season [Dreamcast, PlayStation]Morishita Urumi
Reavel Fantasia -Mariel to Yousei Monogatari- [PlayStation 2]Hori-
Sentimental Graffiti -Yakusoku- [PlayStation]Hoshino Asuka
Sentimental Graffiti 2 [Dreamcast, WIN]Hoshino Asuka
Sentimental Graffiti [Sega Saturn, WIN, Playstation] [debut]Hoshino Asuka
Sentimental Journey [PlayStation]Hoshino Asuka
Sotsugyou III -Wedding Bell- [Playstation, Sega Saturn]Cowbell
Sotsugyou Vacation [Playstation]Itou Yukie


Asami has done the following roles in audio drama.

Meiwakuna Onna [CD]?
Sentimental Graffiti [CD]Hoshino Asuka
Sotsugyou M Oretachi ni Makasero [CD] {4}waitress
Sotsugyou Vacation [CD]Itou Yukie
Tales of Destiny: Proust -Forgotten Chronicle [CD]?
Tokimeki Memorial 2 [CD] {Volume 5}female student

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