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    Onosaka Masaya roles (drama)

    Masaya has done the following roles in audio drama.

    Beast of East [CD]?
    Cobalt Tokimeki Drama CD Remix [CD]?
    D.N.Angel Wink [CD]?
    DN Angel [CD]Dark Mousy
    Emerald Dragon [CD]Carswer
    Lunatic Dawn III [CD]Akugyaku no Lunatic
    Lunatic Dawn III [CD]narrator
    Momo Iro Sisters Office Version [CD]Tokawa Keisuke
    Motto! Tokimeki Memorial [CD]Takami Naoto
    Sentimental Graffiti [CD] {Omoide no School Days}Kaho's teacher
    Tokimeki Memorial Love Song wo Kimi ni [CD]Takami Naoto
    Tokimeki Memorial Love song wo Kimi ni [CD]Takami Naoto
    Tokimeki Memorial Saigo no Natsuyasumi [CD]Takami Naoto
    Trigun -The Second Donut Happy Pack- [CD]Vash The Stampede
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