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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.09.05

    Shiawase Pan'ya-san
    The opening poem was by Maria.

    Kikuko and Maria said that the Shiawase-san CD went on sale, and thanked everyone for buying it.

    The first corner was "tuiterune notterune".

    The next corner was Maria's "tsuki!" corner.

    Kikuko said that early in her seiyuu career, she was very introverted and couldn't talk to many people. But one day she became "reborn" and became Inoue Kikuko 2 Gou. Now she can talk freely with anyone.

    Maria said that when she was a baby she was playing with a large battery. Then suddenly her mother noticed that the battery was gone. She rushed and took Maria to the hospital to get an xray taken. But they didn't find the battery in Maria's body. It turned out that baby Maria had just tossed the battery somewhere.

    Kikuko said one day her daughter had something in her mouth. She told Hocchan to open her mouth, and Kikuko discovered an ant on Hocchan's tongue. Kikuko was relieved that the ant was in one piece, that her daughter didn't bite and swallow any of it.

    Then they played the musical from the Shiawase-san CD, Shiawase Pan'ya-san. Kikuko did the role of the pan'ya (bread maker) and Maria did the voice of the croissant.

    Then they talked about the Tokyo Game Show. There will be a public recording of this radio show at the Game Show (9/18 and 9/19) starting at 14:00 (both days) at the Increment P booth. There will be a big moon at the Increment P booth.

    There is a ticket in the latest Dengeki Ou magazine for a special trading card. There is also a ticket in the latest Dengeki Daiou (going on sale 9/18) for a different trading card. You have to bring these tickets to the Increment P booth at the Tokyo Game Show to get the trading cards.

    Kikuko said that her best album Bokura no Best da, Onee-chan is on sale, and this comes with a Wendenyan keitai (cell phone) strap. Then Maria said that she is using this strap on her keitai. But she also said that she had to break/crack the CD case in order to get the strap out..

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