Iina - 1997.05.16

Maeda Chiaki (鰡)
Iina episode 2
They are asking listeners to send in some ideas for "unit names". (i.e. make some "subgroups" out of the regular hosts and guests of this radio show.) The four regular (rotation) guests are Maeda Chiaki, Maeda Ai, Toyoshima Machiko, and Maeda Konomi.

In the "duet corner" Maeda Chiaki sang 3 Nenme no Uwaki.

They read some letters for the "nayami soudan" corner (discuss problems).

They had the reading story theater, episode 5 (first half). (Yumekara Samenai Second Season, Koneko-chan wo Tsurete Tabi ni Deyou)

They read some letters for the Iina 2 corner. A person from Imagineer said that Iina 1 wasn't going too well..

There was a reading drama Iina Feel For Love episode 2. The story was about a virtual idol that committed suicide..

There was a question from a listener: What is the OP and ED of this radio show?
A: The OP and ED songs are by S-nery, and both of them are on the CD single Feel for Love.

The Yumekara Samenai First Season novel goes on sale 8/1.

There will be a secret guest next week.

Jody's question: What's the difference between a boy friend and a husband?

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