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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1997.12.07

    Christmas no Yoru ni (Sakurai Tomo)
    Tomo said that if there are any "lonely" people who have to spend Christmas alone, they can come to the Christmas Fantasy Live concert. (^_^;)

    Tomo said that she has a bad image of Christmas cakes. She ate some Christmas cake before, but it was a cheap one which some bland cream.

    In the "kabocha no himitsu" corner, Tomo read the answers for the quiz she read last week.

    moon someone who is supporting you
    fire * someone you can be a couple with
    sand * someone who secretly loves you
    gold someone you yearn for
    sky * your "real love"
    cloud * someone you can't reach
    snow someone you want to protect
    land someone you can be relieved with
    stone someone you hate
    mountain someone you can be relieved with

    Then Tomo read letters for the "hagaki butoukai" corner.

    Tomo said that she used to write diaries a lot when she was little. But she threw them away.. she thought. Recently she discovered that her mother had kept them. Tomo said it was very embarrassing to read the old diaries, and now she got rid of them forever.

    Tomo played Christmas no Yoru ni from her album Cherry Christmas.

    Tomo said that they would have a special broadcast for Christmas. Tomo wants people to send in Christmas messages. She will choose 10 people, and they will get a voice Christmas card from Tomo.

    Tomo read a letter for the "countdown hero" corner. It was about songs from TV dramas. Tomo talked about TV dramas. She is really hooked on some of them and watches them every week.

    Tomo said that the Asakura Engekidan play will take place next year, and the tickets are on sale now.

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