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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.08.10

    Teno Hira no Uchuu (Iwao Junko)
    The opening was Asobi ni Ikouyo, from Kimochi, Junko's new album that goes on sale in September.

    Junko said that she fell out of her bed last night. She was dreaming that she had to do a backflip.. Junko said that she bumped her knee.

    Junko went to a noodle store and ordered a "hiyashi tanuki soba", but a large size (oomori) came. Junko thought that it was someone else's, but the store person said that Junko had ordered a large one. So Junko ate it all.

    Junko said she never saw herself studying in a dream.

    Someone asked who was doing all the sound effects, and Junko said that it was the script writer Mr. Doi.

    Then Junko played Teno Hira no Uchuu.

    CM (40 seconds): Flower Comics (by Chiba Chiemi and Toyoshima Machiko)

    Junko kept getting letters about her work as a singer and seiyuu. In a magazine article, it was written that Junko wanted to concentrate more on her singing. But that wasn't what Junko wanted to say.

    Singing and voice work is like her mother and father, and she needs both. Recently it seems like she is doing more singing (and events), but duing the week she is doing a lot of seiyuu work. She is doing foreign movies/TV, narration, and reading work too.

    This spring she failed at all of the TV anime auditions. So she is doing other voice related work.

    Then Junko read letters and sang for the "iwaou" and "kaeuta" corners.

    The ending song was Suki na Hito ga Iruno, from Junko's new album. Junko wrote the music and Taniyama Hiroko wrote the lyrics.

    There will be some signing sessions by some of the Shougakukan manga artists this summer. Junko said she wanted to go.

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