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Sakamoto Maaya CDs (solo)

Maaya has released the following solo CDs.

1998.12.19Dive (VICL-60320)Song
1999.12.16Singles Collection Plus: Hotch Potch (VICL-60507)Song
2001.03.28Lucy (VICL-60702)Song
2001.08.08Easy Listening (VICL-60760)Song
2002.05.2223ji no Ongaku Yoko Kanno feat. Sakamoto Maaya (VICL-60885)Song
2010.03.31Everywhere (VTCL-70001 VTCL-70002)Song
2011.01.12You Can't Catch Me (VTCL-60209)Song
2011.01.12You Can't Catch Me Special CD (VTZL-22)Song
2012.11.14Single Collection and Mitsubachi (VTCL-70006)Song