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    Sakurai Tomo events (1988)

    Some of the events that Tomo has appeared in during the year 1988 are as follows.

    1988.01.04Lemon Angel Yuki Ponte Event
    1988.02.14Lemon Angel Young Jump Valentine Aid
    1988.03.13Lemon Angel mini concert in Minami Machida Susuya Bookstore
    1988.03.20Lemon Angel concert in Nagoya Chuunichi Cinerama Meeting Hall
    1988.03.26Lemon Angel concert in Osaka
    1988.03.27Lemon Angel event in Fukuoka International Center
    1988.04.03Lemon Angel event Osaka International Interchange
    1988.04.05Lemon Angel First Bus Picnic Tour
    1988.04.08Lemon Angel event in Juusankyou Festival
    1988.04.10Lemon Angel event in Narita Video Shop
    1988.04.10Lemon Angel event in Shinjuku Lumine
    1988.04.17Lemon Angel mini concert in Urawa Corso
    1988.04.29[11:00] Lemon Angel event Kinshichou Marui
    1988.04.29Lemon Angel event Tsurumi Comin
    1988.04.30Lemon Angel event Seiyuu Kamifukuoka
    1988.05.01Lemon Angel event Oita Parco
    1988.05.02Lemon Angel event Oita Parco
    1988.05.03[14:00/15:30] Lemon Angel mini concert Nihonbashi Tokyu
    1988.05.04Lemon Angel event Ohmiya Seibu
    1988.05.05Lemon Angel in Meiji Jinguu Young Festival 88
    1988.05.21Lemon Angel event Tokyo City Keiba
    1988.05.22[13:00] Lemon Angel mini concert at Seibu Tokorozawa
    1988.05.29[13:00] Lemon Angel mini concert at Tokyu Nipponbashi
    1988.06.19[16:00] Lemon Angel event at Kudan Chiyoda Koukaidou (Tokyo)
    1988.06.25Lemon Angel Aichi Video Shop event
    1988.06.26Lemon Angel Okazaki Daishuudou event
    1988.07.02Lemon Angel event at Miyako Headquarters
    1988.07.24Lemon Angel event at Ageo Showsun Plaza
    1988.07.26Emoto Miki Birthday Party (Lemon Angel)
    1988.07.30Lemon Angel event at Nakano Sun Plaza
    1988.07.31Lemon Angel event at Kumagaya Nitto Mall
    1988.08.03Lemon Angel event at Kameido Elle Nerd
    1988.08.04Enoshima "Miami Beach" Panasonic Event
    1988.08.05Miura Seashore Festival
    1988.08.06Lemon Angel event at Funabashi Lalaport
    1988.08.07Lemon Angel event at Hachiouji Summer Land
    1988.08.13Lemon Angel event at Tsukuba Circuit
    1988.08.14Lemon Angel event at Nihonbashi Tall Island Shop
    1988.08.14Lemon Angel event at Shinagawa Prince Hotel
    1988.08.15Lemon Angel event at Osaka Tsukashin Seibu Department Store
    1988.08.19Lemon Angel event at Chuushuu Gem Shop Department Store
    1988.08.20Lemon Angel event at Nagoya Terminal
    1988.08.21Lemon Angel event at Shinjuku Alta
    1988.08.21Lemon Angel Second Single event at Sunshine City
    1988.08.24Lemon Angel event at Sendai Endo Satellite Studio
    1988.08.26Lemon Angel event at Hiroshima Daiichi Headquarters
    1988.08.28Lemon Angel event at Sapporo Fifth Avenue
    1988.09.11Sakurai Tomo Birthday Party (Lemon Angel)
    1988.09.18Lemon Angel event at Ginza Mitsukoshi
    1988.10.02Lemon Angel event at Inage Kaigan Jusco Marine Pia
    1988.10.23Shima Erika Birthday Party (Lemon Angel)
    1988.10.29Lemon Angel mini concert at Tokyo Institute of Technology
    1988.11.01Lemon Angel event at Dokkyo Academy
    1988.11.03Lemon Angel event at Takasaki Keizai University
    1988.11.05Lemon Angel mini concert at Saitama University
    1988.11.06Lemon Angel event at Ebina Daiei
    1988.11.12Lemon Angel event at Seiyuu Hibarigaoka
    1988.11.20Lemon Angel Second Bus Picnic Tour
    1988.11.23Lemon Angel event at Yakult Fan Kansha Day
    1988.11.28Lemon Angel event at Chuunichi Dragon Fan Kansha Day
    1988.12.18Lemon Angel event at Ota City Bell
    1988.12.25Lemon Angel event at Daiei Kashii
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