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    Sakurai Tomo TV appearances

    Some of the tv that Tomo has appeared in are as follows.

    1993.05.03Haha to Ko no Terebi Ehon (NHK)Guest
    1993.07.01Haha to Ko no Terebi Ehon (NHK)Guest
    1994.03.04Haha to Ko no Terebi Ehon (NHK)Guest
    1995.12.03Idol on Stage (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1996.02.22Say You ClubGuest
    1996.03.28Kaitou Saint Tail Specialhost
    1996.06.02Idol on Stage (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1997.04.04Shibuya de ChuGuest
    1997.04.06Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1997.04.18-1999.03.26Weekend Joy (NHK BS-2)Host
    1997.07.12Yoru no HippareGuest
    1997.07.20Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1997.09.14Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1997.12.13Yoru no HippareGuest
    1998.02.01Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1998.04.05Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1998.04.12Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1998.07.05Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1998.07.29Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
    1998.11.08Music Jump (NHK BS-2)Guest
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