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    Sanada Asami CDs (miscellaneous)

    Asami appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

    1999.07.22CD Drama DiGi Charat (GCFC-003)Song/Talk
    1999.10.09CD Drama DiGi Charat so nyo 2 (GCFC-004)Song/Talk
    1999.10.09Party Night (GCFC-005)Song
    1999.12.23Digiko no Sound Message (KICA-487)Song
    2000.02.11DiGi Charat Digiko no Ongakukai (KICA-499)Song
    2000.04.15CD Drama DiGi Charat so nyo 3 (GCFC-005)Talk
    2000.07.28DiGi Charat CD Drama so nyo 4 (GCFC-008)Talk
    2000.07.28Voice of Heart (GCFC-009)Song
    2000.08.23DiGi Charat Digiko no Sound Festival (KICA-521)Song
    2000.09.30DiGi Charat CD Drama so nyo 5 (GCFC-010)Talk
    2000.09.30DiGi Charat Ondo (GCFC-011)Song
    2000.12.02Welcome to X'mas (GCFC-013)Song
    2001.04.25Digiko no Sound Garden (KICA-538)Song
    2001.05.19Wonder Girls (GCFC-019)Song
    2001.11.30Happy Merry Christmas (GCFC-023)Song
    2002.04.10Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat Sound Track (AVCA-14334)Song
    2002.12.25DiGi Charat Radio Show Digiko-san CD Special (LACA-5144)Talk
    2003.01.23Broccoli The Live DiGi Charat Edition (BRCA-1009)Song
    2003.07.25Digiko no Yabou vol.2 (BRDR-1022)Talk
    2004.04.01Colorful Machiato (URCM-0001)Talk
    2005.01.261 Nen 777 Gumi (FCCC-29)Talk
    2005.02.09Rozen Maiden Original Drama CD Detektiv (LHCA-5004)Talk
    2006.01.12Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 02 (KICA-743)Talk
    2006.02.22Rozen Maiden Traumend Original Drama CD (LHCA-5030)Talk
    2006.03.15Amaenaideyo! Charason de Katsu (VPCG-84827)Song
    2006.12.22Winter Garden Sound Complete (BRCF-3079)Song
    2007.11.21Zetsubou Sensei Kayou Daizenshuu (KICA-891)Song
    2007.11.23Sweet Winter (BRCA-1083)Song
    2007.12.12Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 5 (KICA-856)Song/Talk
    2008.01.16Zetsubou Gekijou (KICA-885)Talk
    2008.03.12DJCD Sayonara Zetsubou Housou 2 (KICA-896)Talk
    2008.03.26Zoku Zetsubou Gekiban Senshuu (KICA-899)Song
    2008.05.14Zetsubou Daisatsukai (KICA-900)Song
    2009.09.02K-On! Official Band Yarou yo! (PCCG-00963)Talk
    2009.09.30Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Character Song Album IT DEPAIRED (KICA-989)Song
    2009.12.23Mahoromatic Best Selection (GNCA-1240)Song
    2010.10.27Houkago Tea Time II (PCCG-01070)Talk
    2011.05.25Maria Holic Alive (ZMCZ-7130)Song
    2013.06.26Date A Music Second Half (COCX-38065)Song
    2014.07.23Date A "Impressive" Music (COCX-38577)Song
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