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    Sawashiro Miyuki events

    Some of the events that Miyuki has appeared in are as follows.

    1999.10.09Di Gi Charat First Concert
    2000.01.30Digi Chara Festival III
    2000.02.11Di Gi Charat Valentine Concert
    2000.03.20Digi Chara Festival in Osaka
    2000.03.21Aquarian Age Premium Party
    2000.03.22Digiko no Heya public recording
    2000.05.03Digi Chara Festival in Big Sight
    2000.05.04Digi Chara Festival in Big Sight
    2000.07.23Tokyo Character Show
    2000.08.20Di Gi Charat Matsuri
    2000.10.21Di Gi Charat 4th Concert
    2001.03.20DiGi Charat Concert in Yokohama Arena
    2001.05.20[13:00] Galaxy Angel event in Gamers Akihabara
    2001.05.20[15:00] Galaxy Angel event in Gamers Akihabara
    2001.07.20[14:00] Emotion Fan Festival in Hiroshima
    2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Broccoli Booth]
    2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Galaxy Angel Stage]
    2001.08.05Di Gi Charat Concert Climax
    2001.09.30Di Gi Charat Tour 2001 in Club Diamond Hall
    2001.10.21DiGi Charat Tour 2001
    2001.11.18DiGi Charat Tour 2001 in KFM Hall
    2001.12.02DiGi Charat Tour 2001 in Susukino
    2001.12.05Di Gi Charat Hoshi no Tabi Special Event
    2001.12.16[16:30] DiGi Charat Sunset Cruise [25000 yen]
    2001.12.16[19:10] DiGi Charat Dinner Cruise [30000 yen]
    2002.01.13Shinshun Di Gi Charat Matsuri
    2002.02.09Di Gi Charat Happy Valentine Concert
    2002.02.10Di Gi Charat Happy Valentine Concert
    2002.03.30[17:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
    2002.05.04[13:00] Di Gi Charat & Angel Tai Concert
    2002.05.19[14:00] Pitaten vol 1 event in Gamers
    2002.07.21[14:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [Broccoli Stage]
    2002.10.14Dengeki 10 Nensai
    2003.01.12[13:30/16:00] DiGi Charat Radio Show CD event in Gamers
    2003.03.22DiGi Charat Matsuri in Tokyo Big Sight 2003
    2003.05.05[16:00] Broccoli the Live II in Ohmiya Sonic City
    2003.06.15[15:00] Di Gi Charat Concert "Welcome Nyo!"
    2003.07.27Hobby Expo 2003 main stage
    2003.08.24[15:00] C3 2003 Moe Moe Emotion talk & live
    2004.04.11[15:00] D.U.P. Circuit 2004 in Osaka
    2004.04.18[15:00] D.U.P. Circuit 2004 talk and mini live in Sendai
    2004.05.02[16:00] Dears Festival
    2004.09.11[11:00/11:50] Rosen Maiden talk show at Akihabara OCT
    2004.10.24[14:00] Tokyo Kokusai Entertainment Market 2004 main stage
    2005.10.30[16:30] Akihabara Enta Matsuri "Rozen Maiden" stage
    2006.03.25[11:50] Konami "Seiyuu Special Stage" at Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair
    2006.03.25[15:00] Rosen Maiden Traumend event at Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair
    2007.08.26[15:00] DVD "Dead Girls" event
    2007.10.21[14:00] Akihabara Enta Matsuri
    2008.03.01[13:00/15:00] Suteki Tantei Labyrinth DVD event
    2008.03.30[11:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Pony Canyon booth
    2008.03.30[12:50] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Aniplex booth
    2008.03.30[15:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Sky Perfect booth
    2008.05.11[15:30/18:00] DVD "Persona trinity soul" talk live
    2008.06.03[19:00] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.06.04[14:00/19:00] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.06.05[19:00] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.06.06[14:00/19:00] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.06.07[13:30/18:00] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.06.08[13:30] Mouse Promotion Play "Gin to Aka no Kioku"
    2008.11.16[16:00] Kannagi Matsuri
    2008.12.21[10:00] Jump Festa 2009 Jump SQ Stage Kure-nai
    2008.12.21[14:00] Jump Festa 2009 Jump SQ Stage Tegamibachi
    2009.06.21[18:00] Reading For The Ties 2009
    2009.08.23[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2009 RE:Bridge Saitama Super Arena
    2009.12.20[10:30] Jump Festa 2010 Bandai Visual booth
    2009.12.20[12:20] Jump Festa 2010 Pierrot booth
    2009.12.20[15:15] Jump Festa 2010 Jump Studio
    2012.02.19[13:30] Maoyuu Episode 0 event Hiru no Bu
    2012.02.19[18:30] Maoyuu Episode 0 event Yoru no Bu
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