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    Shimamoto Sumi CDs (Discography)

    Information about Sumi 's CDs is listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Sumi has released the following solo CDs.

    1987.09.25Koi Suru Ki Mo Chi (H30K-20088)Song
    1992.07.23Amour (CRCP-20043)Song
    1994.11.23Kaze no Okurimono (ALCA-5019)Song

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Sumi appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

    1990.12.21Mezon Ikkoku Music Blend (KTCR-1060)Song
    1994.08.25Bakuretsu Hunter Whip 2 ()Talk
    1995.06.21Akazukin Chacha Saint Magical Review volume 4Song
    1995.08.23Bakuretsu Hunter Monthly Collection 2nd Season (KICA-257)Talk
    1997.05.21Voice Actor Original Drama Collection I (APCM-5102)Talk
    1997.05.21Voice Actor Original Drama Collection II (APCM-5103)Talk
    1997.05.21Voice Actress Best Song Collection 89-90 (APCM-5100)Song

    CD singles

    Sumi has also released the following CD singles.

    1992.10.21Mafuyu no Dekigoto (CRDP-2003)Song
    2007.11.21Lucky Star Character Song vol 011 (LACM-4426)Song

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