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    Shimizu Ai CDs (singles)

    Ai appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2003.07.24Angel Fish (KICM-1077)Song
    2004.05.26Koi no Jet Shooter (LACM-4131)Song
    2004.11.25Rasen no Prologue (LHCM-100)Song
    2006.03.01Million Love/Rainy Beat [Kage kara Mamoru] (SVWC-7336)Song
    2007.04.25Kakusei Bisque Doll (LHCM-1032)Song
    2009.09.09Chimeric Voice (LHCM-1069)Song
    2010.07.22Tokei to Mahou no Biscuit (LHCM-1079)Song
    2011.05.27Dashed Cinderella (PCCG-70106)Song
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