Shimizu Ai CDs

Some of the CDs that Ai has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Ai has released the following solo CDs.

2008.09.10Nuova Storia (LHCA-5090)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Ai appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2003.08.20Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi -Memories Off- Vocal Collection (SCDC-287)Song
2003.09.18Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi -Memories Off- Drama Best (SCDC-309)Talk
2004.02.18Memories Off Drama CD Omoide no Paltiita (SCDC-325)Talk
2004.03.24Onegai Twins drama album 2jikan me Yuri Yuri Twins (LACA-5264)Talk
2004.08.25Happy Cosmos [Poppins] (LACM-4148)Song
2004.08.25Onegai Twins drama CD vol 4 Onegai Friends (LACA-5306)Talk
2004.10.06DearS drama CD (LACA-5318)Talk
2004.10.22Ai to Kaoru no Love Pheromone! DJCD 2 (FCCV-5)Talk
2004.10.27Poppins Size (LACA-5330)Song
2004.11.26Korega Watashino Goshujin-sama 2 (AFC-3024)Talk
2004.11.26Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 01 (KICA-666)Talk
2005.02.23Mai Hime Character Vocal Album (LACA-5355)Song
2005.02.23Memories Off Shudaika Zenshuu (KDCA-32)Song
2005.04.06Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 03 (KICA-668)Talk
2005.04.20W -Wish- Tag Radio (SCDC-442)Talk
2005.06.10Korega Watashino Goshujin-sama Ongakuhen (GNCA-1030)Song
2005.08.10Korega Watashino Goshujin-sama Character Album 001 (GNCA-1031)Talk
2005.09.09Korega Watashino Goshujin-sama Character Album 002 (GNCA-1032)Talk
2005.09.21Lune Moon 2 (SVWC-7286)Talk
2005.10.07Korega Watashino Goshujin-sama Character Album 003 (GNCA-1033)Talk
2005.11.02Lune Moon 3 (SVWC-7290)Talk
2005.11.23Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 01 (KICA-733)Talk
2005.12.21Mai Hime Best Collection (LACA-5465)Song
2005.12.22Lucky Star Vocal Mini Album (FCCT-0033)Song
2005.12.22Raki Suta Moe Drill Vocal Mini Album (FCCT-33)Song
2006.03.24Mai Z Hime drama CD (LACA-5470)Talk
2006.04.07Minna de Tsukuru Memo Off CD! Season 3 (VGCD-0031)talk
2007.12.05Mai-Otome Zwei Vocal Best Album Maimu (LACA-5718)Song
2008.02.27Ayakashi Characters 4 (ZMCZ-3904)Song/Talk
2009.12.23Mahoromatic Best Selection (GNCA-1240)Song
2011.02.09Kore ha Zombie Desuka? Drama CD (VTCL-60237)Talk
2011.08.03Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi Character Song Album (PCCG-1180)Song
2012.07.04Koreha Zombie desuka? of the Dead Mecha Festibo- (VTCL-60310 VTCL-60311)Song

CD Singles

Ai appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2003.07.24Angel Fish (KICM-1077)Song
2004.05.26Koi no Jet Shooter (LACM-4131)Song
2004.11.25Rasen no Prologue (LHCM-100)Song
2006.03.01Million Love/Rainy Beat [Kage kara Mamoru] (SVWC-7336)Song
2007.04.25Kakusei Bisque Doll (LHCM-1032)Song
2009.09.09Chimeric Voice (LHCM-1069)Song
2010.07.22Tokei to Mahou no Biscuit (LHCM-1079)Song
2011.05.27Dashed Cinderella (PCCG-70106)Song

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