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    Shinohara Emi events

    Some of the events that Emi has appeared in are as follows.

    1986.04.12-1986.04.133rd Nihon Anime Festival at Ikebukuro Sunshine City
    1993.09.11Peach Hips Live
    1993.09.12Peach Hips Live
    1993.12.25Sailor Moon and X'mas 1993
    1994.03.19Windows/Mornin' After CD event
    1994.08.28Shinohara Emi CD Commemoration Event
    1994.11.20Sailor Moon Express Train and kigurumi show at Seibuen
    1994.11.29Sailor Moon S movie preview
    1994.12.18Sailor Senshi Largest X'mas Party in History
    1994.12.27Moon Contact Final
    1995.04.09Ani Chari 4.9
    1995.05.2081 Produce Charity Event at Tobu Ikebukuro
    1995.08.05Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin 81 Special vol 1
    1995.08.12[12:00] Bandai Character Festival Sailor Moon
    1995.08.19Shinohara Emi First Live
    1995.08.26Seiyuu Doujou
    1995.08.27Seiyuu Doujou
    1995.12.17Koe no Christmas Present
    1995.12.22Sailor Moon Supers movie event
    1996.03.31Harumi Final Live
    1996.08.088 8 8 Funky Twins Birthday Party
    1996.12.04Seiyuu Collection
    1997.05.28Shibuya de Chu part 1
    1997.08.17Seiyuu Doujou
    1997.11.24Akihabara Digital Matsuri
    1998.01.18Ginza Voice Of Animation 2 -What about Perfect Blue-
    1998.03.01Shinohara Emi signing session at Animec
    1998.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
    2006.08.06[19:00] Manatsu no Ririan Matsuri
    2008.09.14[19:00] Maria-sama ga Miteru -Aki no Lilian Sai-
    2009.12.06[17:00] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon DVD Collection event UDX Theater
    2013.02.23[15:00/19:00] Seiyuu Dake no Jazz Party Vol.8
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