Shintani Sayaka Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Sayaka has appeared in are as follows.

2000.09.12Anime Channel live chat [video]guest
2000.09.26Anime Channel live chat [video]guest
2000.10.02-2000.12.22Anata ga Daisuki [radio]host
2000.12.01Anime Channel live chat [video]guest
2001.01Kira Kira Shiyo! [radio]host
2001.01.22Anime Channel live chat [video]guest
2001.10.17LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2001.12.12LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2001.12.26LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2002.06.20Chotto Tabi Kibun Movie 2002 Summer [movie]travel reporter
2002.10.19-2002.11.02Sato Raji [radio]guest talk
2003.01.??Tabi no Techou Yado Channel [movie]travel reporter
2003.11.18-22:00Star Chat TV [chat]chat
2004.06.29-24:30Star Chat TV [chat]chat
2004.08.30-22:00Star Chat TV [chat]chat
2004.09.22-24:30Star Chat TV [chat]chat
2004.10.11-19:30Star Chat TV [chat]chat
2004.12.28-24:30Star Chat TV [chat]chat

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