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    Sugawara Sachiko events

    Some of the events that Sachiko has appeared in are as follows.

    1995.06.04Tokyo Toy Show
    1995.07.22Tokimeki Memorial
    1995.07.31Motto Tokimeki Memorial public recording
    1995.08.01Motto Tokimeki Memorial public recording
    1995.08.09Tokimeki Memorial event in Nagoya
    1995.08.10Tokimeki Memorial event in Shizuoka
    1996.11.02Play Station Expo 96-97
    1996.11.03Play Station Expo 96-97
    1996.11.04Play Station Expo 96-97
    1996.12.21Tokimeki Memorial Fantastic Christmas
    1997.03.16db-FM Kaikyoku Kinen Konami All Star Festa '97
    1997.04.27Otakki Sasaki talk event
    1997.08.02Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Meguro Koukaidou
    1997.08.03Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Osaka
    1997.08.07Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Sapporo
    1997.08.09Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Nagoya
    1997.08.10Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Fukuoka
    1997.08.17Club db Caravan '97 Summer in Suginami Koukaidou
    1997.09.17Shibuya de Chu recording
    1998.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
    1999.03.19Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999 [business day]
    1999.03.20Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
    1999.04.29KBS Katatsumuri Daisakusen
    1999.07.03Twins Story talk and game show
    1999.07.18Grand Prix on Stage
    2000.02.05"Searching" campaign event in Animate Akita
    2000.02.06"Searching" campaign event in Animate Sendai
    2000.02.11"Searching" campaign event in Animate Kanazawa
    2000.02.11"Searching" campaign event in Animate Toyama
    2000.02.12"Searching" campaign event in Animate Abeno Belta
    2000.02.13"Searching" campaign event in Animate Kyoto
    2000.02.19"Searching" campaign event in Animate Kawagoe
    2000.02.20"Searching" campaign event in Animate Nagoya
    2000.02.20"Searching" campaign event in Animate Shizuoka
    2000.02.26"Searching" campaign event in Animate Yokohama
    2000.02.27"Searching" campaign event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2000.02.27"Searching" campaign event in Animate Shibuya
    2000.08.14Kame no Osanpo event in Commit
    2001.06.12-2001.06.17Gekidan Acapella Club 17th Funny Money
    2001.08.13Talk live in Comit Akihabara
    2001.11.27-2001.12.02Gekidan Acapella Club play
    2002.10.26[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live
    2002.12.30[14:00/19:00] Sugawara Sachiko album live in Take Off 7
    2003.12.13[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live 2 in Nakano Sun Plaza
    2004.04.03[15:30] CD "interlude" sign and handshake in Animate Kyoto
    2005.02.23[19:30] Moe.com public recording
    2005.12.31[20:00] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live forever Countdown 2006
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