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    Tamura Yukari events (2000)

    Some of the events that Yukari has appeared in during the year 2000 are as follows.

    2000.03.28Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Vocal Special 2000 in Itabashi
    2000.04.30Something Dreams Multimedia Countdown 5th Anniversary event
    2000.05.13Yamatonadeshiko Debut event at Yamagiwa Nadia Park
    2000.05.20Yamato Nadeshiko CD event in Osaka
    2000.05.21Yamato Nadeshiko CD event in Fukuoka
    2000.07.23Tokyo Character Show
    2000.07.26Miami Guns event at Loft Plus One
    2000.12.02Miami Guns event in Nagoya
    2000.12.03Miami Guns event in Osaka
    2000.12.10Miami Guns event in TFT Hall
    2000.12.28[16:30] Seiyuu Talk Live at Commit Akihabara
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