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    Tamura Yukari DVDs/Blurays/videos

    Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Yukari has appeared in are as follows.

    2001.07.10AX August 2001 [DVD]talk
    2002.08.09G-on Riders vol 0 [DVD] (ASHB-1003)interview
    2002.10.23Sweet Chick Girl [DVD] (KMBA-4)Songs
    2004.04.07Peachy Cherry Pie (KMBA-6)concert, promo videos
    2006.03.08Cutie Cutie Concert [DVD] (GBBA-8)event
    2008.08.27Bambino Bambina [CD+DVD] (KICM-91247)promo video, making
    2008.12.17Tomorrow [CD+DVD] (KICM-91259)promo video, making
    2009.02.04Komorebi no Rosette [CD+DVD] (KICM-91427)event video, making of video
    2010.06.16Love Live *Princess a la mode* (KIBM-243)live video
    2010.09.08Citron no Ame [CD+DVD] (KICS-91603)promo video, making of video
    2011.12.21Haru Machi Soleil [CD+DVD] (KICS-91732)promo videos, making of video
    2012.10.17Everlasting Gift [CD+DVD] (KICS-91824)promo video, making of video
    2014.12.24Anone Love Me Do [CD+DVD] (KICM-91563)promo videos
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