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    Tomatsu Haruka events (2010)

    Some of the events that Haruka has appeared in during the year 2010 are as follows.

    2010.01.10[18:00] Sphere Colorful Concert CC Lemon Hall
    2010.01.31[18:00] Sphere Colorful Concert Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
    2010.02.07[13:00] "Girls Be Ambitious" handshake Toranoana Akihabara
    2010.02.07[15:00] "Girls Be Ambitious" talk/mini live Ishimaru Soft
    2010.02.07[17:30] "Girls Be Ambitious" talk/mini live Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Akiba
    2010.02.28[11:00] "High Touch!" signing session Toranoana Akihabara
    2010.02.28[14:00] "High Touch!" signing session YAG Akiba
    2010.02.28[17:00] "High Touch!" signing session Animate Akihabara
    2010.03.21[15:00] "Rainbow Road" Release Kinen Party in JCB Hall
    2010.04.18[18:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Kokusai Forum Hall A
    2010.04.25[15:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Tokushima
    2010.05.16[17:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Fukuoka
    2010.05.23[17:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Aichi
    2010.06.13[17:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Osaka
    2010.06.20[16:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Sapporo
    2010.07.11[16:30] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Tsuika Kouen Osaka
    2010.07.25[18:00] Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Tsuika Kouen NHK Hall
    2010.08.01[13:00/16:00] "Now Loading..SKY" public recording
    2010.08.08[11:30] "Nagisa no Shooting Star" handshake Akihabara Gamers
    2010.08.08[13:00] "Nagisa no Shooting Star" handshake Animate Akihabara
    2010.08.08[14:30] "Nagisa no Shooting Star" handshake Toranoana Akihabara
    2010.08.08[18:00] "Nagisa no Shooting Star" mini live Tower Records Shibuya
    2010.08.28[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2010 -evolution-
    2010.09.12[17:00] Mitsudomo Fes! at Akasaka Blitz
    2010.09.25[10:00] Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer- tsuika butai aisatsu
    2010.10.16[13:00] "Haruka no Daibouken" signing event Toranoana Akihabara
    2010.11.23[17:30] Sphere On Love On Nihon Budoukan
    2010.12.26[14:00/16:30] Sphere to Sugosu Ichinichi Okure no Premium Christmas Party
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