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    Tomatsu Haruka TV appearances

    Some of the tv that Haruka has appeared in are as follows.

    2009.07.21Run Run LAN! (TV Kanagawa)Guest
    2010.07.18M-ON! Sphere Special part 1Interview, Video Clips
    2010.08.15M-ON! Sphere Special part 2Interview, Video Clips
    2010.09.19M-ON! Sphere Special part 3Interview, Video Clips
    2011.04.03Music JapanLive perfomance
    2012.01.02Anison PlusSphere live performance
    2016.12.11Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.5 (3rd day 1st half)performance
    2016.12.18Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.6 (3rd day 2nd half)performance
    2016.12.28Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Specialinterview
    2017.05.20Lisani! Live 2017 Saturday Stage [M-ON]concert {Sphere}
    2018.04-Koe Girl!acting
    2019.10.16-Gekidan Sphereacting
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