Tomatsu Haruka DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Haruka has appeared in are as follows.

2008.10.29Motto Hadenine [CD+DVD] (SMCL-155)promo video
2008.11.26Musuhi no Toki [CD+DVD] (SMCL-159)promo video
2009.04.22Future Stream [CD+DVD] (LASM-34001)promo video
2009.05.13Koinouta [CD+DVD] (SMCL-174)promo video, TV CM
2009.07.29Super Noisy Nova [CD+DVD] (LASM-34017)promo video
2009.11.25Kaze wo Atsumete [CD+DVD] (LASM-34030)promo video
2010.01.27Girls Be Ambitious [CD+DVD] (SMCL-181 SMCL-182)promo video
2010.02.24Rainbow Road [CD+DVD] (SMCL-189)promo videos, making of videos
2010.04.21Realove:Realife [CD+DVD] (LASM-34051)promo video
2010.07.28Now Loading...SKY [CD+DVD] (LASM-34060)promo video
2010.08.04Nagisa no Shooting Star [CD+DVD] (SMCL-195)promo video
2010.10.20Moon Signal [CD+DVD] (LASM-34080)promo video
2010.11.03Baby Baby Love [CD+DVD] (SMCL-216)promo video
2011.01.01Sphere Rings Live Tour 2010 Final Live [DVD] (LASD-7013)concert
2011.01.01Sphere Rings Live Tour 2010 Final Live in 3D [BD] (LASX-8004)concert
2011.01.01Sphere's Rings Live Tour 2010 Final Live DVD (LASD-7013 LASD-7014)event video
2011.03.16Spring is Here [CD+DVD] (LASA-35085)promo video, making of video
2011.05.11Hazy [CD+DVD] (LASM-34095)promo video
2011.07.13Oh My God [CD+DVD] (SMCL-241)promo video
2011.07.27Let Me Do! [CD+DVD] (LASM-34105)promo video
2011.10.26High Powered [CD+DVD] (LASM-34114)promo video
2012.03.14Sphere Live 2011 Athletic Harmonies -Climax Stage- [BD/DVD] (LASX-8017)concert
2012.03.14Sphere Live 2011 Athletic Harmonies -Dangerous Stage- [BD/DVD] (LASX-8015)concert
2012.04.25Non Stop Road [CD+DVD] (LASM-34134)promo video
2012.07.11Third Planet [CD+BD] (LASA-35131)promo video
2012.10.17Q&A Recital [CD+DVD] (SMCL-281)promo video
2012.11.07Pride on Everyday [CD+DVD] (LASM-34150)promo video
2013.01.16Sunny Side Story [CD+DVD] (SMCL-288)promo video, making of video
2013.02.27Sphere Music Clips 2009-2012 [BD] (LASX-8019)promo videos
2013.03.27Sphere Orbit Live Tour 2012 Final Special Stage [BD] (LASX-8021)concert
2013.05.01Genesis Aria [CD+DVD] (LASM-34155)promo video
2013.07.10Pachi Pachi Party [CD+DVD] (SMLC-300)promo video
2013.11.27Sticking Places [CD+DVD] (LASM-34157)promo video
2014.01.15Hikari Gift [CD+DVD] (SMCL-317)promo video
2014.07.30Fantastic Soda [CD+DVD] (SMCL-337)promo video
2015.02.11Jounetsu Continue [CD+DVD] (LASM-34171)promo video
2015.09.30Step A Go! Go! [CD+DVD] (SMCL-403)promo video
2015.10.14Dreams Countdown [CD+DVD] (LASM-34176)promo video
2016.02.17Cinderella Symphony [CD+DVD] (SMCL-415)promo video
2016.04.20Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no [CD+DVD] (SMCL-426)promo video
2017.11.08Heart to Heart [CD+DVD] (LASM-34183)promo video
2019.11.20Resolution [CD+DVD] (SMCL-630)promo video

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