Tsuru Hiromi books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Hiromi has appeared in are as follows.

1985.03.??Out April 1985interview, ?
1993.12.10Animedia January 1994GS Mikami article, COLOR {3 P}
1994.12.25Character Voice Collection Joseihen 1information, MONO {6 P}
1997.05.27Game VoiceTekken 3 article, COLOR {5 P}
1997.09.10Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 13Sotsugyou article, COLOR {2 P}
1998.03.30Dengeki G's Magazine May 1998Yuukyuu 2 article, COLOR {1/2 P}
2000.08.30Dengeki G's Magazine October 2000Yuukyuu Kumikyoku article, COLOR {1/6 P}

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