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  • Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang Dream - 2017.04.27

    Program Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang Dream
    Air Date 2017.04.27
    SeiyuuPoppin' Party
    Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)

    The final episode of the TV series was aired. But they said that Bang Dream will continue.

    Aimi, Rimi, and Ayasa played their instruments individually. They played parts of "Tokimeki Experience".

    There was a corner by Ayasa where she talks with one of the other members. This week she talked with Ayaka. They showed a photo of their first live together, from October 2015.

    For the Poppin Party Live Library corner, they showed a video of "Tokimeki Experience".

    In Yuka's corner, she changed clothes and did a cosplay of her character from Luck and Logic, Sukinanoka Ado.

    There will be collaboration foods and drinks at the Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Matsuri (5/5 to 5/7), and those who buy the drink will get a picture card of Yuka.

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