BanG Dream! Mezase Budoukan TokuBanG 1

Program BanG Dream! めざせ武道館特BanG! 1
Air Date 2017.06.03
Seiyuu Poppin' Party

This was the first of four special programs for Bang Dream, as they were preparing for the Poppin Party 4th Live in Budoukan. They mostly played a lot of video clips from the previous concerts and events.

The concert video clips they showed were as follows.

  • Yes! Bang Dream (Poppin Party)
  • Poppin Shuffle (Poppin Party)
  • Star Beat (Poppin Party)
  • Natsuzora Sun Sun Seven (Poppin Party)
  • Black Shout (Roselia)
  • Hashiri hajimeta bakari no Kimi ni (Poppin Party)
They also showed many scenes from the TV anime.

Rimi, Aimi, and Ayaka played one game of the Girls Band Party game.

Mezase Budoukan TokuBanG [1] [2] [3] [4]

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