Girls Be The First and Last Documentary

Girls Be The First and Last Documentary

Compozila CVCD-10002
released 1998.08.28
4000 yen
running time 43 minutes

This is a video made up of video clips from the Girls Be final concert in Kawasaki. But there are also many other behind the scenes clips.

It seems that all the songs use the audio from the Kawasaki concert.

The cameras used during the concert were set up at the very back (center), and the two sides, very close to the stage. They didn't originally plan on releasing a video of the concert, so these video cameras were not the best cameras.

There is no lyrics sheet or any other booklet inside the case.

The video flowed as follows.

song clip
NONE Machiko and Houko in dressing room before the concert.
NONE A shot of the fans lining up before concert. There's even a tall gaijin with glasses! (^_^;)
[It does go by very quickly.]
NONE A message by Machiko and Houko backstage, right before they go out to sing.
Zettai dame! concert
Houko video taping Machiko in the dressing room.
Aisatsu I concert
Mayonaka ni Oideyo Girls Be history 1
Machiko and Houko dressing for their first jacket photo shooting (1996.12.16).
Cecil no Yakusoku concert
Girls Be history 2
outdoors for a photo shooting (1996.12.14)
Machiko petting a cat. [CUTE]
Seifuku indoor photo session (1996.12.14)
Kiyoshi Konoyoru Machiko playing piano (during the rehearsal)
? Houko rehearsing on stage
Shikkari Siteyo concert
NONE backstage, Machiko and Houko getting ready to go out for the encore.
NONE Machiko and Houko talking (and crying) before the final song during the encore.
Akarui concert
Girls Be Girls Be history 3
rehearsal for Sunshine event (1997.03.02)
Machiko and Houko singing signature boards
Sunshine event
handshake session after Sunshine event
Akihabara event (1997.06.29)
Osaka event (1997.07.06)
Osaka concert (1997.12.14)
Kawasaki concert (1997.12.21)

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