Yamamoto Maria events (2000)

Some of the events that Maria has appeared in during the year 2000 are as follows.

2000.02.13Seiyuu Festival Dream Power 2000
2000.06.04DVD Voice Animage event at Yamagiwa Soft
2000.07.08Yamamoto Maria signing at Gamers Square
2000.07.12Chiharu Manabi no Konya mo Ippai public recording
2000.07.16Voice Drama Natural event in Animate Ikebukuro
2000.07.22Tokyo Character Show
2000.08.13Osanpo House CD event in Animate Ikebukuro
2000.08.14Kame no Osanpo event in Commit
2000.08.22Osanpo House CD event in Animate Kichijoji
2000.09.10Atsumare Fairy Island signing session
2000.09.22Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn [business day]
2000.09.23Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn
2000.09.24Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn
2000.10.01Fairy Island in Millenium Gal Fest
2000.10.13Haniwa My House public recording
2000.11.12Clamp Gakuen Kaikigenshou Kenkyuukai Jiken File event
2000.11.23Chara Fes Autumn 2000
2000.12.222000 Xmas Party Nyokki no Heya he Youkoso
2000.12.30Comic Market 59

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