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Yamamoto Maria events (2002)

Some of the events that Maria has appeared in during the year 2002 are as follows.

2002.01.20[19:00] Seiyuu Wave in Zamza Asagaya
2002.01.25-2002.01.28Maria-chan to Rakuen Hawaii de Aloha Time
2002.02.13[19:00] Seiyuu Wave
2002.03.23-2002.03.24Ohanami and Ichigo Kari Tour
2002.04.06[13:00] Dreamin' You talk and live at Ishimaru Soft One
2002.04.06[17:00] Dreamin' You mini live and talk at Yamagiwa Soft
2002.04.07[13:00] Dreamin' You event in Animate Machida
2002.04.07[16:30] Dreamin' You event in Animate Kichijoji
2002.04.13[14:00] Dreamin' You event in Shinseido Expiari
2002.04.14[14:00] Dreamin' You event in TB Hall
2002.04.28[16:00] Seiyuu Wave vol 8
2002.06.18Seiyuu Wave in Zamza Asagaya
2002.07.20[14:00] Yusen Broad Networks "Umi no Hi Request"
2002.08.03[15:00] "Hadaka no Kimochi" signing session at Shosen Book Tower
2002.08.04[11:00] "Hadaka no Kimochi" signing session
2002.09.07-2002.09.08I'm Enterprise Fan Club event
2002.10.19[14:00] Super Deluxe TV Yamamoto public recording
2002.11.17Yuusen "a-Fan Fan3" public recording
2002.11.24Doki Doki Happy Theater 2 public recording
2002.12.01[17:00] Seiyuu Wave Anniversary Premium event Yamamoto Maria Special
2002.12.15[13:00/15:30] I'm Enterprise Fan Kansha Day
2002.12.29[12:00] Comic Market 63 main stage
2002.12.30[12:00] Comic Market 63 main stage