Yanase Natsumi events

Some of the events that Natsumi has appeared in are as follows.

1995.06.11Sotsugyou Cross World All Stars On Stage
1995.08.03Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin
1995.08.12[11:00/13:00] Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin
1996.03.23Ojousama Sousamou in Tokyo
1996.03.30Ojousama Sousamou in Osaka
1996.05.19EMU Live in Akasaka Blitz
1996.06.23NEC PC-FX Anime Festival
1996.08.03Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
1996.08.24Tokyo Game Show '96
1997.04.05Tokyo Game Show
1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1998.10.11Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1998.12.06First Kiss Monogatari event in Animate Abeno
1999.04.18Soreru announcement
2000.01.30Digi Chara Festival III
2000.02.19First Kiss Monogatari Valentine event
2000.05.28Sabishinbo Club feat PD
2000.08.10-2000.08.13Ogata Megumi no Tsuki no Yoru ni Ai ma Show!
2002.07.21[14:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [Broccoli Stage]
2006.10.28[14:00] OVA "Summer Season 1" event Ishimaru Soft One
2009.10.22[08:30] Windows 7 event at Sofmap
2010.10.18[13:00/19:00] "Tenshi to Akumato" at Shibuya DUO -Music Exchange

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