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Yokoyama Chisa CD-ROMs

Some of the CD-ROMs that Chisa has appeared in are as follows.

1995.11.25Tenshi ga Kureta Kyuujitsu [Mac/PhotoCD] (BCRM-0045)movie, images
1995.12.22Voice Clock for Windows Yokoyama Chisa [Win]images, voice
1996.11.08MPEG Special volume 3 [Win/VCD]movie
1997.04.??Seiyuu ROM Scheduler [Win95] (SRSD-9704Y)voice, movie
2000.10.10AX November 2000talk
2000.11.10AX December 2000music video
2000.12.10AX January 2001movie
2001.01.10AX February 2001movie