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Yuuki Aoi books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Aoi has appeared in are as follows.

2009.10.10Newtype November 2009article, COLOR {1/4 P}
2011.01.25Shuukan Ascii Akihabara Genteiban February 2011GOSICK interview, COLOR {2 P}
2013.05.28Flash June 11 2013photo article, COLOR {8 P}
2014.08.20Shounen Magazine 2014 vol 38Nanatsu no Taizai article, COLOR {1 P}
2015.05.20From Gamers vol.213Aoi Saori shinbangumi article, COLOR {1 P}
2015.09.20From Gamers vol.217Aoi Saori Seijinshiki BD/DVD article, COLOR {1 P}
2016.09.21Shounen Magazine 2016 vol 43interview, COLOR {3 P}
2017.09.20From Gamers vol.241Petit Milady album interview, COLOR {1 P}
2018.12.20From Gamers vol.256Petit Milady album article, COLOR {1 P}
2020.03.25Shounen Magazine 2020 vol 17Nanatsu no Taizai interview, COLOR {2 P}