Sailor Moon Events

Some of the Sailor Moon related events (in the Tokyo area) from 1993 to 1997 are listed below. (seiyuu events, kigurumi shows, special displays)

There are MANY, MANY not listed.

date event
1993.12.25 Sailor Moon and X'mas 1993
1994.01.08 Sailor Moon R Movie Late Show
1994.03.28 Sailor Moon R Spring Festival
1994.08.14 Sailor Moon World
1994.08.20 Sailor Moon S Festival at Tokyo Tower
1994.11.20 Sailor Moon Express Train and kigurumi show at Seibuen
1994.11.26 Sailor Moon S show at Cycle Sports Carnival 94
1994.11.29 Sailor Moon S movie preview
1994.12.18 Sailor Senshi Largest X'mas Party in History
1995.01.01 Sailor Moon S Show at Kourakuen
1995.03.18 Sailor Moon S show at Shinjuku L Tower
1995.03.26 3DO Real Event in Ikebukuro
1995.05.07 Sailor Moon S show at NS Building
1995.08.01 Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin Sailor Moon
1995.08.12 Bandai Character Festival Sailor Moon
1995.12.22 Sailor Moon Supers movie event
1996.05.03 - 1996.05.06 Double Hero Live Special '96
1996.08.05 - 1996.08.18 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars musical at Sunshine Gekijou
1996.08.10 Sailor Stars show at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
1997.01.01 Sailor Stars show at Kourakuen

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