Venus Project Megameeting events

The Venus Project Megameeting (めがみーてぃんぐ) events were song and talk events by the Venus Project seiyuu that took place in April, May, and June of 2016.

The main performers were the five main seiyuu: Hata Sawako, Hayase Marika, Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui, and Nemoto Ruka. But there were also guests in the May and June events. There were two events on each day, and participating seiyuu were as follows.

date seiyuu
2016.04.02 Hata Sawako, Hayase Marika, Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui, Nemoto Ruka
2016.05.01 Hata Sawako, Hayase Marika, Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui, Nemoto Ruka, Nakanishi Yuuka
2016.06.05 Hata Sawako, Hayase Marika, Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui, Nemoto Ruka, Nakanishi Yuuka, Iida Riho

The tickets for the Megameeting events went on sale in March, and there were special tickets that came with a raffle ticket, called megami kuji (女神くじ). Those who bought tickets to all six events got to enter before the ordinary tickets, and got the megami kuji. The present for the raffle was going to be announced later.

It looked like there were around 100 of these "A" tickets sold.

I had ticket A-63.

The prizes for the megami kuji turned out to be signed T-shirts. There were 7 T-shirts, one for each seiyuu for the June event, and the winning numbers were announced during the afternoon session of that event.

They had all of the signed T-shirts on display in the lobby during the event (photos allowed), and the T-shirts were given out by the seiyuu at the very end of the evening session.

I won the T-shirt signed by Tanabe Rui. Rui wrote "Beautiful Moon" on it, as her character name is Mizuki (beautiful moon).

In addition to the megami kuji presents, there were raffles for those who bought Venus Project goods at the events, one raffle for each 2000 yen spent. The presents from these raffles were signed posters, signed postcards, and also unsigned postcards.

During the three events, I did 9 raffles, and got 3 signed postcards and 1 unsigned postcards.

During the June event, the signed Venus Project posters were on display in the lobby.

The first three Gekkan Voice Venus Project CDs went on sale at these events.

date CD
2016.04.02 Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.0
2016.05.01 Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.1
2016.06.05 Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.2

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