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  • Natsuki Rin

    Natsuki Rin (夏木りん) was a second year student at Cinq Lumiere Gakuen. She was Nozomi's best friend, ever since they were little kids.

    Natsuki was boyish, and very good in sports.

    Natsuki really didn't want to become a PreCure, but the most important thing to her was not to lose Nozomi. So she decided to fight along with Nozomi.

    In episode 2, Rin transforms into Cure Rouge (キュアルージュ).

    Rouge's attack is "precure rouge fire".

    Rin's parents run a flower shop, and Rin has two younger siblings, Yuu and Ai.

    Rin's voice is done by Takeuchi Junko.

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