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    Gooyaan was one of the Dark Fall. He mostly stays in the Dark Fall hasn't attacked the earth himself yet.

    Gooyaan is short and chubby, and doesn't look very strong, but he is quicker than he looks and can create a powerful energy ball. (Episode 18)

    Gooyaan first appeared in episode 2.

    In the middle and later episodes, Gooyaan went to earth more often. But he didn't fight the Precure directly. Gooyaan wore disguises, and talked to the fighters of the Dark Fall.

    In episode 47, it was revealed that Gooyaan was the real creator of the dark fall. He had also created Akudaikaan.

    Gooyaan's real form was very different from his small and pudgy disguise.

    Gooyaan's voice is done by Morikawa Toshiyuki.

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