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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 47

    Daigyakuten!? Kuromaku tte dare no koto?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.02
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    Continued from the previous episode.

    The four girls were fighting against Akudaikaan.


    Akudaikaan was too strong, but the girls were just barely defending themselves.

    [title screen]

    During the battle, it was getting dark on earth. Some of the evil powers of destruction were reaching the earth and the other springs.

    While the girls were trying to avoid Akudaikaan's attacks, Gooyaan was watching the battle nearby. He was holding the carafe.

    Muupu and Fuupu were hiding, but they noticed Gooyaan. They tried to think of a way to get the carafe.

    The four girls were losing, but they said that they would never give up.

    [CM break]

    Just when the girls were using their final powers for the final blast, there was a bright light in the sky. The energy from all living things were reaching the Dark Fall.

    The girls received the energy, and their blast hit Akudaikaan. Akudaikaan lost his energy, and fell to the ground.

    Gooyaan was shocked, and dropped the carafe. Muupu and Fuupu grabbed the carafe.

    The girls thought that they had won. But then Akudaikaan stood up again.

    The girls gave another blast, and hit Akudaikaan. It created a hole in his chest, and they all found out that Akudaikaan was hollow!

    Akudaikaan started blasting all over, even damaging the Dark Fall. Then Gooyaan floated in front of him, and told him to calm down. But Akudaikaan was getting out of control.

    Then Gooyaan crushed Akudaikaan's source of power (the flame of life). Gooyaan said, "Thanks for your work until now. Good bye."

    The girls were surprised. Gooyaan told the girls that he was the one who created Akudaikaan. He was the one that planned everything.

    Then Gooyaan powered up and turned into his real form.

    Dark Fall was crumbling. Then Gooyaan created a large energy blast, and everyone was teleported to earth. Gooyaan said that he would destroy the girls, and earth.

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