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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 2

    Watashitte shijou saijaku no PreCure desuka?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.03.22
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    [At the end of the previous episode (episode 1) Tsubomi transformed into Cure Blossom.]

    Cure Blossom fought against the dezatorian. But she was very weak. Blossom couldn't control her powers. She jumped too high, even though she was afraid of heights. She also ran too fast, and couldn't stop herself.

    Sasorina was surprised at how weak the PreCure was. Blossom wanted to run away, but the fairies told her to fight.

    Sasorina attacked Blossom with her hair, and knocked her down. Then the dezatorian caught Blossom and was going to squeeze her. But then a bishounen with glasses appeared, blasted the dezatorian, and saved Blossom. Then he and Blossom disappeared.

    Later Tsubomi woke up. She was in her grandmother's green house. Her grandmother said that she found her lying in the green house. Then the fairies came out. They saw Tsubomi's grandmother and called her Cure Flower! Grandmother told Tsubomi that she used to be a PreCure.

    Grandmother told Tsubomi that she met Koppe (the legendary fairy) and she became a PreCure. Then Sipre and Kofre told grandmother that Tsubomi had become a PreCure. She was surprised, but said that Tsubomi loved flowers so much she was qualified to become a PreCure. Tsubomi told grandmother that she had seen the dream about Cure Moonlight over and over.

    Tsubomi asked grandmother about the kokoro no taiju (the great tree of hearts). Grandmother said that it was the source of all kokoro no hana (flower of the heart). All humans had a flower in their hearts. All flowers are different. But when the flower weakens or dies, the great tree of hearts also weakens.

    While they were talking the dezatorian came nearby. Erika was still trapped in the ball. If the flower dies, the human will be trapped in the ball forever.

    Tsubomi wanted to transform but she lost her kokoro perfume. But grandmother had found it. She said it was lying next to Tsubomi.

    Then Tsubomi transformed, and fought the dezatorian. She noticed that she was getting stronger. Cure Blossom was beating the dezatorian.

    Then Sasorina used her hair and caught Blossom. The had a poison needle at the tip of her hair. But Blossom threw her away.

    The fairies told Blossom to beat the dezatorian. They taught Blossom the magic words to get the blossom tact (a new item) and use it to blast the dezatorian.

    Cure Blossom blasted the dezatorian, and the monster returned to the stuffed doll. Then the crystal (flower) came out. They put the crystal and ball together, and Erika reappeared.

    When Erika woke up, she said she saw a dream. Then she apologized to Tsubomi for being so forceful. Tsubomi said that she would join the fashion club.

    After Erika left, Sipre said that the kokoro no tane (seed of the heart) was going to be born. The seed of the heart came from Erika's flower. Then Kofre created the kokoro pot (the heart pot), a container for keeping the seeds of the heart.

    The fairies said that when the heart pot gets filled with seeds, the great tree of hearts will recover. Tsubomi put the seed into the pot.

    Grandmother told Tsubomi that the bad guys will be back.

    Sipre was going to be Tsubomi's partner. Kofre needed to find his partner. The fairies will pretend to be stuffed animals, and live with Tsubomi.

    Grandmother told Tsubomi to be careful with her PreCure powers.

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