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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 22

    Tui ni mitsukemashita! 3 nin me no PreCure!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.10.16
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    [This episode title is very misleading!]

    Tsubomi said she forgot to go to the gardening club. When Erika asked how many days, Tsubomi said it was just one day. Erika wondered when Tsubomi joined the gardening club.

    Erika went with Tsubomi to the gardening club. She actually wanted to watch over her so Tsubomi wouldn't be taken by the gardening club.

    There was a weak looking girl carrying a wheelbarrow full of dirt. Erika thought she was a younger member, but Tsubomi said that she was the club leader, Mizushima Aya. Erika introduced herself to Aya.

    Aya asked if Tsubomi had a "green hand" (some who is good at growing plants). Aya said that she was bad at growing plants and she didn't have a green hand. When Erika said Tsubomi was the granddaughter of Hanasaki Kaoruko, Aya said she wanted to talk to Tsubomi's grandmother.

    Later the girls brought Aya to the green house. She was very nervous to see Tsubomi's grandmother. While Aya was talking, the fairies were watching. Sipre and Kofre asked Popuri if he felt anything, and Popuri said that he didn't know for sure.

    Tsubomi's grandmother said Aya should be patient and just try to spend time with the plants. She shouldn't worry about whether she has a green hand or not. Then Aya said that she will try hard.

    Later Aya and the others made a wall of flowers on the school building. She tried hard and finally succeeded. But then the wind started blowing very hard, and Erika said that it was the typhoon coming. All the girls tried to protect the wall of flowers.

    Meanwhile Kumojacky was practicing his new attack in the wind.

    The next day, school was closed because of the typhoon. But Tsubomi and Erika went to school because they were worried about the flowers. Aya and some of the other girls were already at the school.

    The girls put a net over the wall of flowers. They had succeeded in protecting the flowers. Then Aya noticed that one of the flowers that she had planted was wilting. She became sad and ran off.

    Kumojacky saw her and took her heart flower. He created a dezatorian out of plants, and the dezatorian went after the girls.

    After the girls ran away, Tsubomi and Erika transformed.

    Kumojacky told the dezatorian to attack Cure Marin, while he fought against Blossom. He used his new attack, and blasted Blossom.

    Meanwhile Marin defeated the dezatorian by herself. Blossom was fighting evenly with Kumojacky. But Kumojacky gave up and went away.

    Later the PreCure was with Aya. Then Itsuki came and saw the fairies. They pretended to be stuffed dolls. Then Itsuki picked up Popuri and said it was very cute.

    [This episode is continued to the next episode. ]

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