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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 23

    Cure Sunshine tanjou desu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.10.19
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    [This episode is continued from the previous episode. ]

    Itsuki picked up Popuri, and said it was very cute. Popuri tried to stay still like a stuffed animal. Then Erika said she made it herself.

    In the middle of the night, Popuri said Itsuki was the next PreCure. He tried to fly off to live with her, but Tsubomi stopped him.

    The next day Tsubomi and Erika went to Itsuki's house. They saw Itsuki leaving, and followed her. They wanted to find out if she was really the PreCure.

    Itsuki went to a hospital. She went to see her older brother, Satsuki. Satsuki was going to have an operation. But Itsuki was very worried about her brother.

    Popuri went to see Itsuki at the hospital. Itsuki was shocked to see a stuffed doll talk. Popuri introduced himself, and said that Itsuki was the next PreCure.

    Tsubomi and Erika went up to Itsuki. Popuri quickly hid inside Itsuki's clothes.

    Meanwhile Satsuki was very worried about the operation. Then Sasorina came and took Satsuki's heart flower.

    When Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika came to Satsuki's room, they found Satsuki in the crystal ball.

    Tsubomi and Erika went off. They told Itsuki to stay. When the others were gone, Popuri told Itsuki to go.

    Tsubomi and Erika went to the dezatorian, which was made out of a wheelchair.

    Tsubomi and Erika transformed. Itsuki saw the transformation.

    The PreCure fought the dezatorian. But the dezatorian was way too strong. The PreCure was getting beaten badly.

    Itsuki realized that the dezatorian was Satsuki. Itsuki went to the monster, and asked it to wake up. But the dezatorian attacked Itsuki. Then Popuri protected Itsuki.

    Sasorina realized that Popuri was the third fairy. She attacked herself, but Itsuki fought back. Then Popuri's shiny perfume began to shine. It was responding to Itsuki's heart.

    Then Popuri gave Itsuki the shiny perfume and the heart seed. Itsuki transformed into a yellow colored outfit PreCure. Popuri told her to think of a name for herself.

    Itsuki looked at the sun. She said, "I want to be like the sun."

    Itsuki (in PreCure form) fought against the dezatorian. She was very powerful, and was overpowering the dezatorian.

    Then Itsuki said her name was Cure Sunshine.

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